7 Books For Entrepreneurs To Read On Coronavirus Lockdown

Books For Entrepreneurs

So you are an aspiring entrepreneur confined to your home due to the Covid-19 lockdown. We understand this is a difficult time for everyone, and the ideal way to cope with being at home now is to make the best use of it by learning something new. And one of the best ways to learn something new is by reading books. This is the perfect opportunity to catch-up to get in touch with your reading habit that you never had the chance to do. If you’re an entrepreneur, now is the perfect time to read, learn and think and go back to the business world as a much better leader.


There is one big problem. There are plenty of books out there that aren’t worth your precious time, and far too many books that make it challenging to identify which books are worthwhile. So below is a recommended list of business books that we think are really worth your time.


  1. Start With Why By Simon Sinek

This is a classic since the day it got published and is one of the best business books everyone should read. Simon’s TED talk about the books has garnered close to 50 million views. The book has more details than the TED talk, and we can’t recommend this book enough.


  1. The Coaching Habit By Michael Bungay Stanier

This book is touted to be a masterpiece when it comes to accumulating ideas and information from other bestselling books. But the author does it in a unique way by keeping the information precise and easy to digest. It’s a great quick read for people who don’t have much time.


  1. No! The Only Negotiation System You Need For Work And Home By Jim Camp

If you are into business negotiations and thinking of improving your performance in your next upcoming round of talks, then you won’t regret reading this book. This book is intense, and after reading it, we can assure you won’t be looking at negotiations the same way again. The bad news is this book is far too big.


  1. Coherence By Alan Watkins

This book is a pleasant read and is geared towards those in the growth businesses rather than entrepreneurs with small teams. This book is large, but a good one if the lockdown goes on for an extended time.


  1. This Is Marketing By Seth Godin

Marketing is vital for any business, and this book is a must-read for any hyperactive entrepreneur. Seth is a pioneer in the world of marketing for all the right reasons. He also penned the book “Purple Cow”, which is classified as one of the most sought after marketing books even 15 years after its publication.


  1. Marketing: A Love Story By Bernadette Jiwa

This business book is concise, to the point, free of repetition, and is a compilation of valuable stories that will be of great value to any entrepreneur. This book is short and can be finished within a couple of hours. A must-read for any busy entrepreneur.


  1. Selling The Dream By Guy Kawasaki

For someone who is into books, it is baffling to know that this a business book that was first published in 1993 and is still highly recommended. If you want to know all the bells and whistles of sales, this is an excellent book worth your time.


There you go. Which books do you think are worth reading, especially for shaping a business? Let me know. Until then, enjoy reading these books, stay home, stay safe and save lives.



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