7 Books For Entrepreneurs To Read On Coronavirus Lockdown

Books For Entrepreneurs

So you are an aspiring entrepreneur confined to your home due to the Covid-19 lockdown. We understand this is a difficult time for everyone, and the ideal way to cope with being at home now is to make the best use of it by learning something new. And one of the best ways to learn something new is by reading books. This is the perfect opportunity to catch-up to get in touch with your reading habit that you never had the chance to do. If you’re an entrepreneur, now is…

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How To Stay Fit At Home Due To Coronavirus Lockdown

home workouts

As the global coronavirus pandemic is on full-swing infecting thousands with millions on the verge of getting the disease—going to the gym is the last thing on people’s minds right now. Regular gym-goers are disappointed that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended even more aggressive social-distancing measures, which means that many gyms and fitness centers have to close their doors to stop the spread of COVID-19. Health experts are now suggesting people improvise and do exercises that can be done at home or workout outdoors while…

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5 Tips For Working From Home During The Coronavirus Lockdown

work from home

We are in the midst of the most unprecedented and difficult times in modern times due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Most of us are ordered to remain in our homes, and companies are taking various initiatives to get people working from their homes. Working from home is nothing new, and freelancers have been doing that since forever. But, this a substantial and unusual challenge for lots of us, especially those who will be working from home for the first time, full-time.   Here are 5 tips that will help…

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How To Stay Motivated On A Plant-Based Diet

vegan diet

There is no doubt that a plant-based diet is necessary for long-term health and wellness, but given the fact that most of our foods are sourced from animals, it is challenging to be vegan. Also, plenty of people promoting that animal foods are the only source of ‘high-quality’ protein (which isn’t true), there are many vegans who are having a difficult time staying motivated on a 100 percent plant-based diet. Below are some great and simple tips anyone can take advantage of to stay motivated on a plant-based diet as…

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Entrepreneurship Is Hard And Young People Know That


Young people are starting to realize that being a successful entrepreneur isn’t something they can do overnight. According to research from New York University, the percentage of high school students discouraged from starting their own business has risen significantly. Let’s get one thing straight—being a successful entrepreneur is hard, and running your own company is even more. A lot of young people don’t want to become Warren Buffets or Elon Musks, and that’s not bad at all as most folks are starting to think. According to a Citi Foundation funded…

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The Importance Of Storytelling In The Context Of Content Marketing

content marketing

Who doesn’t love a good story? We love telling and sharing stories. Storytelling is a unique trait of human beings giving us a sense of belonging and identity. It is also one of the best ways to establish a connection with people. If you’re selling a product or service — it is an effective way to connect and build relationships with your customers. So, it is only befitting that storytelling should be an essential marketing strategy for your business. Why Storytelling? An excellent, compelling story will enable marketers and advertisers…

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