Why Comfort will Kill You!

woman on bed

Comfort here is not the feeling of sleeping on a nice bed, or lounging in an expensive couch. The comfort we are discussing here is the tendency to drop the ball when you feel like things are going your way. It’s a destructive lethargy, and horrible complacency. To dissect this further, let’s compare the actions of uncomfortable people versus those who get too comfortable. Uncomfortable people do uncomfortable things. They wake up at outrageous hours of the morning to head to work, and work around the clock. People, who are…

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How can I earn $100 by using apps?

This is exactly why we created Smartr Marketing… we saw the need for income-generating apps to hit the marketplace. So we obliged. The truth is, in order to make money at anything, a transaction needs to take place, a sale needs to be made, and an exchange of value needs to happen with both parties involved. Unfortunately, it is difficult for people to understand that concept… so, they want to make money from home, but they don’t want to talk to people. Well, if you get rid of the label…

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How do I overcome my resistance to change?

Life is full of ups, downs, and stagnation. And even though it may suck on a down, it is only happening because we still have something to learn. Once we learn the needed lessons, we start going back up. The further up we go, the better it feels. Ultimately, it can end up feeling so good that we decide we don’t want to go further than where we are right now. After all, we fought for where we are right now. It took hard work and effort to get where…

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Over 95% of Shopify businesses fail.

Is it surprising? It may be to some, but not to me. I walked into the local pizza place the other day to pick up our pies, and the team behind the counter had 6 different tablets and screens in front of them. When I asked why so many, the manager told me, “Well, this is our POS, this is for GrubHub, this one is for Favor, this one is for….” She named off a few delivery models I had never even heard of before. I was stunned! As a…

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How to Maintain a Balanced Student Lifestyle

The Time is Never Enough Being a full-time student can be really difficult since it’s very hard to spare time for everything that you need to do. It isn’t easy completing your homework on time and later on having sometime for yourself. In most cases, a student has time for just one, or they have to sacrifice their sleep. Things can get even worse when you have children, a full-time job or even both. In any condition, you can have a lot of difficulties and stress if your time consumption…

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Proper prior planning prevents poor performance (6Ps). When starting a business, it is quite apparent that there is a plan, but how often do you get distractions prompting you to change the policy? Some disturbances go further, prompting you to abandon the business or switch to another. You might be tempted to give in to the distractions if the company is not as profitable as you thought it would be. Other challenges may make tides in your business rage higher, and this is when you need to be bolder and…

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Can I really make money with MistPlay?

Sure… it pays, but let me tell you a little about how ads work, so you understand how time you lose to make money from these platforms. When I pay for an ad, I am paying for someone to click or engage with my ad. Well, it can take dozens of people scrolling by before anyone ever clicks an ad. When they do, an impression or engagement is tripped. Depending on your ad spend and settings, you could end up paying, let’s say, .30 cents for someone to watch the…

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How To Stay Motivated On A Plant-Based Diet

vegan diet

There is no doubt that a plant-based diet is necessary for long-term health and wellness, but given the fact that most of our foods are sourced from animals, it is challenging to be vegan. Also, plenty of people promoting that animal foods are the only source of ‘high-quality’ protein (which isn’t true), there are many vegans who are having a difficult time staying motivated on a 100 percent plant-based diet. Below are some great and simple tips anyone can take advantage of to stay motivated on a plant-based diet as…

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How to Stop Money From Getting in the Way of Love

Couple fighting

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they exchange numbers, they hang out, they make it official, and suddenly there is trouble in paradise. The problem, finances! All of a sudden the popular phrase, no romance without finance comes to mind. It is well-known that a lot of promising relationships fall through because of finance related problems and disputes. Marriages have ended because the man didn’t have money, the woman lied about money, as well as a number of other money-related problems. Is it possible to properly guard serious relationships from…

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5 Lifestyle Changes to Help you Beat Insomnia Today


We all have big dreams, big plans and ambitions or at least most of us do. These plans are broken down into daily detailed schedules and courses of action, none of which can be done effectively without a proper night’s sleep. Sleep is your brain’s version of a break, although your brain doesn’t really shutdown; the lack of consciousness gives your mind and body a chance to rejuvenate and freshen up. What happens if you don’t get enough sleep? You wake up tired, heavy-headed, moody, unmotivated, and sometimes even easily…

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