Poor eating habits: Dangers of junks

Introduction Sometimes, when you have an urgent need to dispel your hunger, you may be lazy or unable to get a proper meal, prompting you to seek for the quickest possible means to get satiated. During these periods, most person will rely on junk foods, which are easily made high calorie foods, with abundance of […]

Depression and Mood Disorders: The need for urgent intervention.

Introduction Mood disorders are illnesses that have to do with the psychological and emotional state of an individual. There are a wide range of social and mental diseases that may be insidious and mystic, thereby allowing it to remain concealed. The several causes and triggers of mood disorders are comparative, ranging from genetic predisposition to […]

Active and passive smoking: Equal faces of same coin.

Introduction Smoking, a practice done mostly for recreation, have been proven by several studies to have a damaging impact on the smoker’s health. With over 600 million smokers worldwide and about 30 million of them in the US, smoking is steadily becoming a global health challenge over the years, leaving about half of all smokers […]

Smoking and your health: The obscure killer.

Introduction The practice of smoking has been with us for some centuries now, it appears to have existed in America even before the coming of the Europeans. Smoking is the act of inhaling burnt particles rolled into a paper, or stuffed within a pipe. It is actually a mode of drug administration, but mostly done […]

Secondhand and parental smoking: Saving the kids and the unborn

Introduction Most people who are not active smoker, but resides with a smoker, will end up having almost equal risks with the active smoker. Secondhand smoking is explained in simple terms as the inhalation of the smoke from a burning end of a cigarettes end, and/or the smoke expelled by someone who is actively smoking. […]

Geriatrics: Improving health care for the aged.

Geriatrics is a medical sub specialty that deals with the welfare and pathologies of old age, the medical care and management of aging people, and the maintenance of their quality of life. Though relatively new, this field is a very important aspect of healthcare due to the delicacy and sensitiveness of the aging phase of […]

Sleep Paralysis: What you need to know about night hags.

Introduction Your eyes are open, you are sure you are awake, yet your body (except probably your extremities of fingers and toes) remains unmoved even when you wished to. This is sleep paralysis, a rare sleep disorder that occurs when the brain temporary paralysis your muscles to prevent you from acting out your dream and […]

How to deal with your phobia

Phobia is a specific and profound abnormal fear of a particular place, thing or event. This should not be confused with our natural human safety instinct, which is an inherent fear and avoidance of detrimental situations or some anxiety disorders which rather comes as a generalized aversion. Phobia can have a lot of triggers, mostly […]

How hormonal changes affect you at menopause

General overview Menopause, otherwise climacteric, in simple terms, is a special phenomenon occurring in women and signifying the ultimate end of menstruation, just the opposite of menarche, which is the beginning of menstruation. In most cases, it is also the natural end of reproductive life. The age of menopause varies substantially among several populations and […]

Penis captivus- Can a couple get stuck during sex?

General Overview This is a rare but disturbing occurrence that is still a mystery to a lot of people. How can two partners get stuck during intercourse, a supernatural act or just mere science? Just as the name implies, penis captivus is a rare or rather, poorly reported, awkward experience during sexual intercourse where the […]