What Would Happen If You Stopped Eating Fats and Oils for 7 Days?

How Do Oils and Fats Work in Our Body? There are several benefits of fats, such as keeping the metabolism strong, having your body work properly and making you fuller longer. It tastes great as well. It is important that we keep bad fats like fried or baked foods at bay. Healthy fats such as oily fish, or those in avocados are fantastic at filling in those fat needs and fueling the body. What would happen if you gave up on fats and oils for a week? Here is a…

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How To Stay Motivated On A Plant-Based Diet

vegan diet

There is no doubt that a plant-based diet is necessary for long-term health and wellness, but given the fact that most of our foods are sourced from animals, it is challenging to be vegan. Also, plenty of people promoting that animal foods are the only source of ‘high-quality’ protein (which isn’t true), there are many vegans who are having a difficult time staying motivated on a 100 percent plant-based diet. Below are some great and simple tips anyone can take advantage of to stay motivated on a plant-based diet as…

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5 Lifestyle Changes to Help you Beat Insomnia Today


We all have big dreams, big plans and ambitions or at least most of us do. These plans are broken down into daily detailed schedules and courses of action, none of which can be done effectively without a proper night’s sleep. Sleep is your brain’s version of a break, although your brain doesn’t really shutdown; the lack of consciousness gives your mind and body a chance to rejuvenate and freshen up. What happens if you don’t get enough sleep? You wake up tired, heavy-headed, moody, unmotivated, and sometimes even easily…

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