How to Stop Money From Getting in the Way of Love

Couple fighting

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they exchange numbers, they hang out, they make it official, and suddenly there is trouble in paradise. The problem, finances! All of a sudden the popular phrase, no romance without finance comes to mind. It is well-known that a lot of promising relationships fall through because of finance related problems and disputes. Marriages have ended because the man didn’t have money, the woman lied about money, as well as a number of other money-related problems. Is it possible to properly guard serious relationships from…

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No one owes you anything.

It happened again… it happens all the time. At least a few times a week. I guess someone heard a podcast or radio show I was on recently, so this morning, I woke up to an email of someone claiming to be frustrated with life, and they are seeking success online. So, he told me, “with your help, maybe I will see better days.” Am I expected to respond to this message? What value do I get out of this relationship? To me, it looks like he has an attitude…

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