Academic Writing – Several Quick Tips

There are a few things to remember when writing your essay for colleges you are submitting applications to. There are do’s and don’s that you must keep in mind. Knowing these things can mean the difference between getting denied or accepted to your favorite college. Read the question. Know from the start how long your […]

Secondhand and parental smoking: Saving the kids and the unborn

Introduction Most people who are not active smoker, but resides with a smoker, will end up having almost equal risks with the active smoker. Secondhand smoking is explained in simple terms as the inhalation of the smoke from a burning end of a cigarettes end, and/or the smoke expelled by someone who is actively smoking. […]

Getting yourself a page on Wikipedia—the things you need to know

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that covers a wide range of topics and people. It is a living and breathing encyclopedia, allowing anyone, and I mean anyone, irrespective of age and background, to augment the knowledge held by it. Besides the fact that it allows you to contribute to its contents, it also allows you […]