There are many moments in our life when we look for a third-party endorsement… including when we must buy something that we haven’t tried before. For example, an award from TripAdvisor can have a very positive impact on a restaurant or hotel, ultimately leading to them getting more sales. It’s important for every organization, in art or business, to gain more recognition through awards for its services and products. When you win an award, you get distinguished from your competitors and rival companies.

There are many ways an award can help your company and the people inside it grow. Awards recognize and reward the efforts of your company and staff. But there are a few reasons that make an award much more important for a company. Just take a look below.

·       Distinction

There are many companies out in the market that are trying their best to defeat rival companies. The best way to do this is by increasing sales, and thus, obtaining more awards. The more awards a company has, the better distinguished it is among all the others in its market segment. These awards set the company apart from other companies and clearly show the quality of work and service that is provided by the company.

·       Validity

An award speaks volumes about the services or the products of a company and provides a third-party commendation for its success and achievements. Winning an award and being nominated is one of the best things that can happen to a company, because it places you on top of your industry and demographic. People trust awards because they are from a third-party… usually one that has experienced what said company may have to offer. Simply stated, awards make customers feel more comfortable when they are purchasing from you.

·       Visibility

You can get your offerings to be much more visible by awards. Awards help you attract more people, investors, customers, or even influencers by granting them access to a business that has an edge over all of its competitors.

·       Testimonials

Winning an award or even being nominated serves as a demonstration of a company’s dedication, work ethic, and their unique specialties. Being a recognized leader in your field attracts customers who would prefer to do business with you over other unknowns in the same industry.

An award reinforces loyalty from customers that you already have, too. It also allows them to trust you much more than they did before, and to be proud when they buy from you.

Awards are very important, if you consider the immense positive impact that they have on customers, employees, and the company receiving them, as they can help a company leap forward, in some cases, bypassing years of advertising efforts. There are many companies that consider gaining more and more awards as a part of their marketing strategy, which is a very smart move. So, don’t just sell when you can become a recognized leader, and be awarded for it.