Nowadays, many companies rely on social prospecting as a way to boost their sales and get new clients. In the past, prospecting was seen as an ineffective marketing approach and avoided by marketing experts simply because it looked “spammy.”

Many marketers nowadays claim that social media prospecting is not effective. This claim is far away from the truth. Social media and email marketing belong to a group of the most useful tools for growth and lead generation a brand could use. The effectiveness of the tools can only be seen when they are used in the right way by professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.  

If you belong to the above-defined group and especially if you are an entrepreneur, you must follow these tips to get more clients and increase your revenue.

Here’s a list of the most effective social media prospecting tactics you need to start using today:

1. LinkedIn Prospecting

LinkedIn is a social media marketing network for professionals. On LinkedIn, you will be able to find professionals from any industry, connect with them, and start a conversation. To get the ROI you want, invest in Sales Navigator, get the best filters, and find the most relevant target audience for your business.

You can target people based on keywords, company name, job title, headcount, and social groups. All of these filters will provide you with enough data to send at least 50 connection requests per day.

However, the process is not over yet. After the delivery of the connection requests, you need to deliver a follow-up message to the people that became your friends. You can play with the messaging to see what works better and gets you the best results. The normal connection acceptance rate is from 20 – 30% compared to the delivery.

2. Social Media Lead Gen Forms

If in the past, you had to create a landing page and a pop-up on your website to capture leads, nowadays with the help of social media, you can get away only with a lead magnet.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have predefined lead generation forms that are fully customizable, cheap, and perform better than a lot of the paid stuff. With lead gen forms, when a person clicks on the social media ad, it won’t be redirected to a landing page. Instead, a pop-up will appear where you need to enter your details to download the lead magnet.

The good part is that you can add an auto-fill button, amend all of the data fields, and get better results. Because the lead generation journey is faster and potential leads get immediate access to the value or the lead magnet, lead generation volume is higher.

3. Visual Content

Visual content will promote and sell your business way better than simple daily updates. Make sure you are producing more images, videos, and infographics that offer value for your target audience. Capturing leads and getting more clients should get easier with time if your content strategy is based solely on visual social media updates.

You can even go a step further and do daily live videos, write more about yourself, and populate your website with case studies and educational content.

4. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is still effective, you just need to have the right subject line and an optimal message. You can use all of the collected data or leads from social media to send prospecting messages and updates about your products and services. Email marketing will also support your sales funnel and increase your chances to win a client.

Tools such as Mail Shake and Mail Chimp can help you with email marketing. Split tests, on the other hand, can help you decide what type of message and visuals work for your target audience. It’s all about the results you get from your learning process.

5. Smartr Marketing 

Smartr Marketing is a relatively new tool. It allows companies to create lifetime value by allowing lifetime customers and lifetime prospects to refer new clients and get paid to do so. All landing pages and prospecting tools aside, the easiest way to garner new clients is by giving existing customers incentive to send you referrals. If word-of-mouth marketing is the ULTIMATE way to increase your revenue, getting a Smartr app for your business is the tool that channels that new revenue to you.