Real Estate = Real Assets

Everybody needs to get into real estate! Whether you get a rental, looking to flip properties or just wholesale a contract to make a few extra thousand a month, we all need to be in real estate and here are some reasons why. First, real estate can provide freedom from the 9-5 everyday job that most of us hate going too. Second, you pay lower taxes on real estate, if any at all. Robert Kiyosaki, one of my virtual mentors, said that if he makes a million in real estate, he takes home a million in real estate! Wouldn’t you love not to get robbed by the government on your own hard earned money? Yes I understand we need to give back to the community, but 25% to 30% is a little extreme, I think 10% would be more beneficial. Either way we’re still trillions in debt. Real estate, if done right, doesn’t take a lot of work, it take 3 things. Hustle, knowledge and money! Now, you don’t have to have all three to get started, you can start with just one. You can have the money and partner or team up with a group of people. That’s why when you hear people say you don’t need money to get started in real estate, it true! It’s crazy the wealth that you can build in real estate.  It’s the best investment there is! Let me ask you a question, in 30 years, what do you know that will for sure be here? Maybe your phone, but probably not. Yes we will still have communication but who know’s what it will be? It could be chips that’s in our ears for all we know. One thing in 30 years that will be here is people and people will need somewhere to stay. Let’s keep it simple guys its not hard.

A lot of people have their money in the bank, but money is depreciating as we know it. So then your really losing with money sitting in the bank. Instead have it in something like real estate that appreciates over time. Something that you can touch, feel and see, instead of a piece of paper saying we will pay you every quarter. No! We want cash flow every month same at the same time of the month no matter what, while the property gains value over the same time. Now lets get something straight, just like any other investment you have to know what your doing and make sure your your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed because everything is not a deal. That’s where the knowledge or knowing somebody already in the game that can lead you down the right path is great because you can now work together and help each other. Just because you have money and you read a couple of books, saw a “guru” on YouTube and watched a few videos doesn’t mean anything, you will get chewed up and spat out. Just because you were successful in something else has nothing to do with real estate. That s why I can’t stress enough, partner with somebody! After reading this blog today you should be ready to take action. First thing you do is learn, learn, learn! Knowledge is way more important than money because you can structure the deal how you want, and as long as its a great deal somebody will partner with you to fund the deal. The next thing to do is store money away, you notice I didn’t say save, I said store because your going to use that for your deals when your ready. The third thing is to get familiar with real estate in your area, go look at properties on your day off, and run fake numbers as if your were going to invest in the particular property, get the feel of your market so you can be the expert in your area. Fourth, you want to join your local real estate investment group in your area. That’s where your find experienced real estate investors and also the good info about different trends and whats going on in your market. Networking is very important with real estate or any business venture anybody is doing, because at the end of the day books or seminars is not what gets deals done, people are what get deals done! Lets start gaining wealth everyone! There’s no excuse to work the rest of your life at a 9-5 rotting away. Let’s build something for the future, for our kids, for the later generations, and it will be REAL ESTATE because it equals REAL ASSETS!

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