If I asked a room full of people if they wanted to be slim and fit, how many people do you think would raise their hands?

If I asked a room full of people if they wanted to co-star in a blockbuster movie with their favorite actor/actress, how many do you think would raise their hands?

If I asked the same room of people if they wanted a million dollars of income a year, how many would raise their hands?

In all of those situations, I would be willing to bet that anywhere between 90 and 100% of those people in that room would have raised their hand. But, if I asked everyone in the room who wanted to wake up at 5am, workout twice a day, and eat healthy for the rest of their lives, do you think we would receive the same amount of raised hands? If I asked who wanted to take 20 years of acting lessons, or who wants to be a starving entrepreneur for 5 years while their business takes off, how many hands do you think would be raised?

The truth is, you aren’t going to become fit without making sacrifices for your health. Just like you aren’t going to win an award for best picture without acting lessons, and you damn sure are not going to earn a million dollars a year without working for it. So, why even raise your hand to begin with?

Having big dreams can only take you so far. Sure, they can give you hope. Watching the right YouTube video or listening to books on tape can motivate you. Prayers and affirmations may even inspire you to have a happier day, but news flash, money comes from people… and if you aren’t taking massive actions in order to build a valuable, profitable company, that million dollars won’t find you. Of course, you could win the lottery; I just hope you learn how to build wealth before you go broke.

So, why is it that everyone wants something for nothing? Why would people raise their hands in desire of having access to millions, but won’t lift a finger to build an asset that would bring them that amount of revenue?

Laziness? Excuses? Lack of education or knowledge on how to achieve such a lofty goal? Lack of desire to learn? Being comfortable? Afraid to feel pain? Afraid to fail?

How about all of them.

The truth is, you can count great people who have achieved great things for the world with just a few fingers. If someone asked you to recite the first and last names of global pacesetters who made great progress for humanity in their lifetime, I bet you cannot name more than a few off the top of your head.

People who grow, evolve, and achieve are not faking it till they make it. They have always been “it.” They are not as big of dreamers as they are big doers. They aren’t flashing watches or fancy cars on social media. They aren’t arrogantly trying to reach a certain amount of likes or social status. In fact, they may even be neglecting their health and not going after that fit and slim body we spoke of before. No… they are more than likely moving back in with mom to save on bills, putting away a bean burrito whenever they get a moment to eat, and giving up their car in exchange for a lower cost of living.

They aren’t going out with their friends every night. They aren’t waiting in line for a new phone or new shoes to try and show how broke they are. They aren’t collecting followers on IG with fake pictures or stupid dances. No… they are more than likely sitting at a computer right now, typing away. Filling in line after line of code, blog content, or emailing potential clients. They sure as hell aren’t sitting in a room full of people, raising their hands to wants of riches without hard work and sacrifice. I would be willing to bet they are building.

Building more value in themselves. Building infrastructure for their new company. Building, building, and building. Working smarter than you. Working harder than you. Taking more actions to reach their goals than you. And being patient enough to work through the processes they know are needed to reach their goals. People who change the world refuse to take hand-outs. They refuse to take on the blessings without taking on the bullshit it took to get there. People who change the world work while you sleep, work while you play, and work while you dream about receiving the rewards without the necessary sacrifice.

So, don’t waste time dreaming when you can be taking massive actions instead. Dreams don’t pay the bills. Working smart does.