For many successful people out there, it all starts with habits. What habits make the most successful people tick. I will show you 3 habits, a young, exuberant Elon Musk ingrained in himself that you can learn to make it big.


  1. Elon Musk went door to door selling candy to rich people 


An important lesson to take out of this title is the term ‘rich people’. Many people do not position themselves well. In his early teenage years, he made candy for 50 cents and sold them for $10.

Now for one, you may call him crazy, a money-hungry psycho however, I would say this is a young boy who knows what he is doing. He knows his target audience isn’t the people that will find his prices outrageous. He knows his market. One of the major reasons his prices were so high, was that he knew people in richer areas could afford it. 


What many entrepreneurs do nowadays is they don’t market for the people more likely to buy their product. Mr. Musk knew selling in a rich area instead of a poor one would bring him a greater return. You see it every day, people selling to markets that aren’t buying. You created a luxury product and selling in an area that doesn’t have access to clean toilets. NO NO NO! Find a market that can buy your product or service. Now you may ask HOW? Don’t be lazy! Do the research! Do things by the numbers and not by your personal biased decision. A great source for information is going on Facebook and using their insights tool. Here you can gather information on different target audiences.


  1. His parents had him tested


Let me bring clarity to this sentence. When Elon Musk was in his early teenage years, his parents noticed he would randomly space out whenever they spoke with him. This prompted his parents to take him for a hearing test. The results? Everything came back normal… perhaps the only normal thing about Elon.


What Elon was doing during those spaced-out moments was he was visualizing what his next step would be for one of his projects. You see it even till this day when you watch one of his interviews. The man is constantly visualizing and thinking of new ways in which he can improve.


This is something you as an entrepreneur should always be doing. Dream BIG and know what your long-term goal will be. Think about your next step and make your visualization a reality.


  1. He loved his books!


There is a saying “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t read the right book”

Elon made this a habit at a very young age. He would spend 10 hours a day reading books. By the age of 9, he read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, which has 32,640 pages! 

As an entrepreneur, the proven best way to make money and live the life you dream of is by reading successful books. The more books you read, the more knowledge you gain, and that knowledge equals power. Elon was a book addict throughout his entire life and it one of his major reasons he has a net worth of 162.1 billion USD.

Read books that the most successful people in your field tell you to read. It is that simple.



The world sees Elon as this alien sent down to Earth to save us from mass extinction, and they may be right. He developed life-altering habits at a very young age, and it isn’t too late to learn and improve yourself. As an entrepreneur the more you learn, the more you earn so take these 3 examples like a starter at your local restaurant for more appetizing things to come.