Is it true that in most cases the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological?

According to various data, psychology is the basis of erection problems in 70-90% of cases. Despite the stubble and menacing appearance, the psyche of the stronger sex is tender, and it is enough for an accidental misfire to happen, as the syndrome of waiting for failure is immediately formed. Every next time a man is ready for defeat. And if there is anxiety in the intimate sphere, write it is gone. Additional disturbing factors include a word unsuccessfully said by a woman, a remark that is firmly imprinted in the male brain and completely kills self-confidence. Well, the change of partner, oddly enough, is also a significant risk factor for “psychological impotence”, the fear of falling into the dirt face may well materialize.

How much does prostatitis affect the development of erectile dysfunction?

In men, this is primarily an excess of adipose tissue. It contains substances that reduce the concentration of the main male sex hormone – testosterone. Under the influence of fat, a man develops insufficiency of the genital glands, the size of the genitals decreases, and the erection decreases. Observation of men who lost weight and engaged in sporulation reliably proved a significant improvement in erection after the return of optimal weight.
Chronic inflammation of the prostate gland affects potency, but mainly again psychologically. A man experiences unpleasant sensations in the genitals, constantly thinks about it, begins to fear possible consequences that do not take long to wait. And in this sense, the cure of prostatitis helps a man to get rid of fears and improve erectile function.

Many men are sure that if the problem with an erection has arisen once, then it is forever.

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction: from special psychological trainings and medical treatment, to injection and hardware techniques and even penile prosthetics.

If we turn to world statistics, then more than 90% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, after one or another treatment, return to big sex. Especially if they are young men, whose problems are almost always psychological. By the way, one of the methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction in such cases is the use of a drug that stimulates an erection immediately before sexual intercourse, followed by a gradual decrease in the dosage of the drug until its complete cancellation. This allows a man to feel confident in his abilities and get rid of existing psychological problems.