Sales is the highest paid profession on the planet. You just need to sell something you believe in, sell something that gives solid monthly recurring payments, and sell something most people need.

The power of modern-day affilate programs are unbelievable, and everyone has the potential of using them to make money. And if you are selling things you love with higher margins, then you have the ability to build substantial wealth.

It is easy to say:

Save money

Cut expenses

Invest in stocks

Invest in real estate

But without extra capital, investing is difficult. There are plenty of free ways to get started as an affiliate without getting bogged down with starting blogs or posting YouTube content.

Just be careful, because some affiliate programs will cost money to start.

I would suggest starting with something free that doesn’t require you to pay to participate and something that would not disrupt your lifestyle. If you like IG videos, make them, if you like YouTube channels, make one. But don’t sell something so complicated that you will eventually quit.

Then, invest your earnings where you see fit.

Just realize, no one gets rich quick. Building wealth is a marathon. Not a sprint. If you want to build something worthwhile, it will take months or years to build.