Did you know that if you had invested $100 dollars in Bitcoin in 2011, by 2015 you would have made a 137,000% return on your money?

I cannot remember exact figures, but I am pretty sure Peter Thiel made something like a 2,000 times return on his initial investment in Facebook.

Just about every software platform I have seen in my many years of being in this industry, once built and launched, was able to net anywhere between 10 and 45 times return on every dollar spent on customer acquisition. The same goes for SmartrHoldings and many of the companies we will allow to participate in SmartrIndex.

The truth is, if you do invest in a software platform that can see its way through an initial launch with a competent enough team, you should be able to at least double your investment within a fairly short amount of time. Far less time than flipping houses or utilizing the stock market to hopefully earn 10 to 20% on your money.

The people who are making it “rich” in software investing are those who invested in private companies, or software companies before they held an IPO… not after. Once a company makes a public offering, your chances of making cash hand over fist have already passed.

Think about this; if you are indeed investing in the stock market or a fund of sorts, a large percentage of your returns are coming from software companies. So, wise investors should take advantage of opportunities to invest in them long before they ever get into the eyes of the public.