Hi! I’m Se’Kiara (See-Kara), and I would like to tell you a little about my reasoning of wanting to be an Entrepreneur, and how I started my journey.  

Since I was ten, I’ve always had a clear vision that I didn’t want to work for anyone else. I started planning out my life at a young age because I saw how little time my parents got to spend with my brother and I, simply because they worked all the time… and still didn’t bring in enough money to cover the bills. Why would I want to live like that?

I made it make sense to me at a young age. If I’m working for someone, they will only pay me a very small percentage of whatever money the company is making off of me. But, if I was the top dog in charge, I could collect the big checks and pay others for their efforts. Makes sense, right?

From the age of ten, I knew that I wanted to have a brand. Something that was mine. Something that people could fall in love with, and mostly, something that made them think of me when they interact with my brand. I just had one little thing stopping me from my greatness… What the heck kinda business will I start? I had no clue. But that never discouraged me from having my own business. I just took it as, “now” wasn’t the time. So I worked until I discovered what it was I wanted to do. 

The eleven years that I worked for a business was the most I learned about business as a whole. I got to see and experience how people would work their butts off and make pennies. So, after about five years into working for different companies, my vision changed about entrepreneurship. I now started seeing the worth of people, but did not appreciate the little worth that they were receiving for their hard labor.

I started thinking, I want to change the environment inside the work place. I want to able to pay these workers more money for their time with no need for a second job. No need for someone to spend less time with their kids because they have to go earn extra income for their families. Missing out on valuable time to grow, just to go and slave for someone else to keep the bills paid. I then decided I wanted to change peoples lives forever. But, I still had one problem… how in the world am I gonna make this happen?!

What I didn’t realize is that I wasn’t ready yet. God had me in the work place for eleven years to learn and experience the ins and outs of what others experience in their jobs. I mean, how can I help others if I’m not yet able to relate to others?

So it began, the ins and outs of the workforce. I started experiencing racism in all levels of the work place. From the store managers to the co workers. I would be the hardest worker of the bunch, but there was always a “problem” with how I worked. No matter how much I stayed on top, there was always an issue.

I got fired from so many jobs before I met Jason Criddle. The man who offered an opportunity of a lifetime to sell software to small and midsize businesses. An opportunity to finally become an entrepreneur!  

I never thought about selling software before. But, I saw a great opportunity with three things I naturally love… helping others, giving back, and never have to work for anyone and still making residual income. I found a golden opportunity with this offer. As I stated before, I want to change the work place, and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to do just that. This piece of software allows people to be able make a residual income in multiple ways. We’re able to help small businesses thrive and succeed. It’s perfect for me to be able to give back and help others grow and profit. It was exactly what I desired to have. It was perfect for my life. So I took the opportunity.

I would tell everyone who wants to know how to start a business to make sure you do your due diligence on what you want to do. Make sure whatever it is, it’s something that can help others. Helping others grow and succeed will be the greatest growth your business can have. Have a passion for people before having a passion for money. The money will come. Write down all your thoughts and ideas. Never give up on your desires. Think big, and speak bigger!

We were all placed on earth to fulfill a purpose. But our purpose probably isn’t in our workplace. Its in our imagination. It gives a way for God to show how great He is and the works He can do. I would encourage anyone to start their own venture in owning their own business. The freedom that life has to offer isn’t within your paycheck. It’s within the greatness you build in yourself! So, dream BIG! Dream great! And never be afraid to dream out of the ordinary. Be inspired, and never give up on your dreams.