Why does fear stop most entrepreneurs? How does one overcome fear? Why does the fear that you make up in your own head stop you? The truth is, you must cut off fear to become a true entrepreneur.

Fears started racing in my mind the second my husband brought our business opportunities to me. I instantly thought, “Oh Great, who talked him into something this time?” I came in with odd thoughts and no future mindset. He was there mentally, wanting to become an entrepreneur, but was stuck because I was not on the same mental level he was. Now, most couples in this EXACT situation will either forget about the business to please the other half, let the marriage fail from fear, or start when their mindset isn’t in the right place, therefore, failing. 

Rahul Varshneya, entrepreneur and startup coach, has built 2 award-winning apps with 3+ Million downloads. In an article posted on Quora Mar 3, 2013, he wrote, “One of the most important things to talk about in a class on entrepreneurship is why most people don’t eventually startup or overcome fears of starting up.”  

50% of businesses fail in the 1st year of starting up. Could this be a major reason why?  

Now it was time for a break through. I’m a stubborn girl just like my father, and the only person who could change my mind was and still is my husband. If it wasn’t for his passion and strong determination, I’m not sure if we would be writing these blogs now. He helped me see the bigger picture and to not freak out that it’s going to take time to unfold. He taught me how to look at life as a never-ending reach for Gods highest potential for yourself. He taught me how to whisper those bad thoughts away and call God to be on my side. He taught me that FEAR is in my own mind. To jump on the level my husband was on, I had to believe these things. His peace and faith that took time to understand eventually made us closer. 

Now, we are entrepreneurs together. We fight these battles together and jump over the obstacles we see coming. We know we have the drive and leadership to make it to the next level. We know that FEAR is a rumor in your head, screaming that you will never amount to greater things in life. 

When you send out good vibes, good vibes come back. Being pure to yourself will leave you free of fear. What you focus on is what will make your reality. Your own energy is your own wealth. Staying desperate leaves no room for gratitude. Your daily balanced mental structure is your key to successful things happening today.