I’ve come to realize this entrepreneurship thing is not easy. I don’t know what I was thinking when I jumped into this game, like I was going to be great at it in my rookie season. But, how often are there great rookies? 

You have prodigies that come in the league that are just heads and shoulders above everybody else, but most of the time, rookies suck! For example, Tom Brady is an 18-year NFL veteran who plays for the New England Patriots, now 6-time Super Bowl winner. Brady went up against Pat Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, one of the best young talents we have seen in decades. I can’t even begin to explain how talented this kid’s arm is… nothing like I’ve ever seen! Who prevailed at the end? Yes, the 18-year veteran. Because of his knowledge and what he has gone through, he didn’t fold under pressure, and ultimately took the Patriots to their 6th title that season. 

Now, the same can be said for entrepreneurs and business owners. If you’re new to entrepreneurship, there will be some hard times, and there are some savvy players in the game that will know tricks that you don’t, just by having been in the tournament way longer. It’s okay, that’s a part of growing in anything, but there IS a way to expedite the process.  

Find a mentor in your specific field and just soak up all the knowledge you can. Whether you have to pay them or not, now your learning curve will be exponentially shorter because you will forgo the trials and tribulations they went through, as well as the ones you might have gone through if it wasn’t for them being there and guiding you like a tour guide. Either way you get started, I have full faith that you will prosper in whatever you do… so long as you don’t quit!  

I would say a mentor is like a plane versus a car, you will get there regardless, but do you want to get there in hours or days? Either way, you will arrive. This is what I would say do; grab a certified pro in your industry to teach you the game so that in your rookie season you perform like a veteran!