Is There Any Room Left?

In today’s society it seems like everybody is successful and I’m missing out on the world! Every where I look people are gaining wealth and living in abundance doing what they want to do. Then again that’s my perspective on life.  You ask somebody else and they may say something totally different. I feel like I’m behind on my journey in life and that I should be more successful! Is there still room for anybody else? There’s no way I shouldn’t be more successful right now. Does anybody else feel the same way? I’m seeing kids anywhere from 16 to 22 years of age making hundreds of thousands if not millions a year selling eCommerce online. Then people my age(29) are already millionaires in real estate or have their own business. So why not me and my family? Or yours? I’m waking up everyday putting in work like everyone else! Well on this journey of entrepreneurship I’ve come to realize it takes time to build anything. Those teenagers making money online, and real estate investors that are millionaires in there 20’s spent months to even years to get going and a lot of sacrifices. Instead of spending their money on shoes, clothes, or video games they invest their money in their online store. Same with the investors who took there hard earned money and bought properties. We didn’t see the grind and hustle that it took to get there, we just see the success. I had to ultimately change the way I was thinking about it. I have to tell myself over and over everyday, this is a process and as long as I don’t give up and stick with it, plan my work, work my plan, and adjust when needed, my family will be successful and live in abundance. Just as we were once kids and never saw ourselves growing up, well you kept living and what happened? You turned into an adult! Same is applied to entrepreneurship, everyone’s route is different, but you will eventually grow up! So, yes there is room still left on the “success” train, you just need to get in line and wait for your ticket.

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