Couple fighting

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they exchange numbers, they hang out, they make it official, and suddenly there is trouble in paradise. The problem, finances!

All of a sudden the popular phrase, no romance without finance comes to mind. It is well-known that a lot of promising relationships fall through because of finance related problems and disputes. Marriages have ended because the man didn’t have money, the woman lied about money, as well as a number of other money-related problems. Is it possible to properly guard serious relationships from ending over finance? The answer is yes. Here are a few ways how.

                                          Pick the Right Mate

Aside from striving to have enough finances to sustain a relationship, it is also paramount to pick the right mate. Too many times, we get distracted by a persons looks and end up making bad decisions. I have had several bad relationships because I couldn’t see a thing past a woman’s smile. Many men fall for curvaceous bodies and long hair, while women fall for broad chests and deep voices. All of them oblivious to the fact that the partners they are choosing either have messed up financial habits, or are just straight evil. When looking for a mate, seek out real substance first, attractive physical attributes should only be a bonus.

                                         Discuss Money Early

If both of you see a future in your relationship, it’s best to discuss money early. Find out where you are both at in your financial situations and talk about your plans to maintain or improve your financial statuses. This can be easier said than done though, because most men feel insecure about their finances especially when a woman they fancy asks. A lot of women also tend to look-down on men that are on the same financial level as them. So discussing finances takes a lot of maturity, patience and courage if it is to be done to good effect.

                                      Understand your Mate’s Perspective

Men and women look at money differently. If you have a good woman beside you, she is probably quite conservative and risk averse with money. She wants you to be careful with your money and not do dumb stuff with it. She also prefers secure slow investment vehicles. The man on the other hand goes for high-risk investments like crypto, real-estate, and even setting up a company. It is wise that both parties have a discussion so that a middle-ground can be found between the risk-averse position, and the high risk position.

                                        Submit to Each Other

Once you fully commit to each other, it’s time to check yourselves. You cannot be a couple that behaves like two single individuals. No one party can have their way all the time anymore. You both have submit to each other for the sake of your relationship and your finances. The man can’t blow his money on fancy toys anymore without a mutual agreement, and the woman can’t splash on her fashion guilty pleasures without consulting the man as well. Submitting to each other will maintain peace, and ward off unnecessary arguments about money.