Why Comfort will Kill You!

woman on bed

Comfort here is not the feeling of sleeping on a nice bed, or lounging in an expensive couch. The comfort we are discussing here is the tendency to drop the ball when you feel like things are going your way. It’s a destructive lethargy, and horrible complacency. To dissect this further, let’s compare the actions of uncomfortable people versus those who get too comfortable. Uncomfortable people do uncomfortable things. They wake up at outrageous hours of the morning to head to work, and work around the clock. People, who are…

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How to Stop Money From Getting in the Way of Love

Couple fighting

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they exchange numbers, they hang out, they make it official, and suddenly there is trouble in paradise. The problem, finances! All of a sudden the popular phrase, no romance without finance comes to mind. It is well-known that a lot of promising relationships fall through because of finance related problems and disputes. Marriages have ended because the man didn’t have money, the woman lied about money, as well as a number of other money-related problems. Is it possible to properly guard serious relationships from…

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5 Lifestyle Changes to Help you Beat Insomnia Today


We all have big dreams, big plans and ambitions or at least most of us do. These plans are broken down into daily detailed schedules and courses of action, none of which can be done effectively without a proper night’s sleep. Sleep is your brain’s version of a break, although your brain doesn’t really shutdown; the lack of consciousness gives your mind and body a chance to rejuvenate and freshen up. What happens if you don’t get enough sleep? You wake up tired, heavy-headed, moody, unmotivated, and sometimes even easily…

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Can you be your own boss?


“Be your own boss” is the clarion call from big name entrepreneurs, motivators, and life coaches. It is a call to action that leaves a lot of people tongue tied, speechless, and even springs some to action. A lot of people stay rooted in their spot in the face of this call to action, because they find it difficult to imagine another way of earning other than the ones they are used to. Some take the advice of life coaches and quit their jobs, make an attempt to make it…

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Freelancing vs. 9-5, the Millennial Dilemma.

woman leaning on wall

If you are a millennial, your parents were probably born in the 60’s, a time where struggle was the order of the day. We think there is struggle now, but the 60’s were a different monster. It was a time of government sanctioned racial discrimination, social strife, and little access to education. People who had desk jobs were heralded as the leaders of society because of the incomes they secured for themselves. This history is important if you are to understand the mindset of our parents. Telling your parents that…

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