Sure… it pays, but let me tell you a little about how ads work, so you understand how time you lose to make money from these platforms.

When I pay for an ad, I am paying for someone to click or engage with my ad. Well, it can take dozens of people scrolling by before anyone ever clicks an ad. When they do, an impression or engagement is tripped. Depending on your ad spend and settings, you could end up paying, let’s say, .30 cents for someone to watch the ad.

So, now that I have paid Google .30 cents, Google might just be kind enough to share 1/10th of a percent of that ad share with you…

So, by watching that ad, YOU just made FRACTIONS OF A PENNY! Oh joy! Happy day! Congrats!

Actually, it isn’t that exciting, is it?

All you did was waste 30 seconds of your life, but you made a whole .003 cents. After an entire hour, you have accumulated. $.36 cents in revenue. Does that sound like good money?

An entire hour of your life, gone, for less than half a dollar of payout.

So, if you spend months playing games… months and months, yes, you can “make money.”

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