Having over 2.4 billion active users monthly, Facebook has been the largest social media used. Facebook has turned to be where we receive news, update status, have fun, and for marketers, it is growing to be their best social media platform. What if you had a good percentage of the Facebook users viewing what you post? For a marketer, this could be Christmas every day. Every marketer should learn to work with what is available. With this social media platform, you should be able to achieve the best since it is cost-effective when you utilize it the right way and has the most comprehensive coverage.

You will always think you know it all until you realize that it’s a world of continuous learning. This learning does not exempt Facebook. Facebook has several hidden tools that can be utilized by a marketer and reach anyone and everyone. Facebook Messenger advertising has radically changed things, and this is achieved in two fields where messaging is increasing and falling: emergent game play or conversation— messenger marketing has a personal feeling, even when driven by a bot. Rather than selling zip ties — asking the viewers to do, purchase, learn, see, and watch. You are calling for input from them and starting a discussion.

Do you want to know who viewed your ad? Facebook Exchange helps marketers to reap the benefits of Facebook ad retargeting by competing in real-time. Advertisers may reach customers based on online history information–if a user visits a product description on the homepage of a company but does not buy stuff, the seller can then view an ad on Facebook via FBX for that same item. Previously Facebook retargeting advertisements were confined only to the sidelines, and the most lucrative Facebook real-estate has newly been allowed to appear in news feeds. This is big news for FBX marketers because response rates for news feed advertisements were 10 to 50 times lower than in the right column.

Sponsored stories are a kind of Facebook ad that displays the experiences of a client with friends of the users, as in a Facebook comment. If a client sees some of his friends like a particular page, he seems to be more likely to be receptive. Sponsored Stories aim to have the same action taken by a client as their peers. Sponsored items are granted preferential placement, which can feature in news feeds and the right-sidebar. The only ad type available on mobile phones is also Sponsored stories. Supported stories get preferred arrangement, and you can easily create supporting stories from Facebook by generating stream through the Facebook ad. Open Graph Sponsored Stories allows marketers to use a third-party vendor with a personalized call to action.

There is no stronger e-commerce marketing campaign than ads on social networks. From day one, no other route will offer reliable, flexible, value leads, and consumers that can complement any marketing campaign. To potential online marketing, it is essential to think of who their target demographic might be because Facebook may be very inappropriate for some promotions, particularly as it begins to continue to decline for younger people. Let’s be clear, Facebook is still huge, and many citizens are again tuning in, but be more mindful of who you are selling for, so ensure they are still on.