Patience in Entrepreneurship

Everything in life takes time, and entrepreneurship is no exception. You will dedicate your time, resources, attention, money you don’t have, and life in general. It outputs the effort input directly. Does this mean that one simply walks home with the benefits of a day’s work? Yes, but not for a newbie in entrepreneurship. You […]

Facebook Marketing

Having over 2.4 billion active users monthly, Facebook has been the largest social media used. Facebook has turned to be where we receive news, update status, have fun, and for marketers, it is growing to be their best social media platform. What if you had a good percentage of the Facebook users viewing what you […]


Proper prior planning prevents poor performance (6Ps). When starting a business, it is quite apparent that there is a plan, but how often do you get distractions prompting you to change the policy? Some disturbances go further, prompting you to abandon the business or switch to another. You might be tempted to give in to […]

Getting Started as an Entrepreneur

Do you get all you want in your day-to-day life by your doorstep or you do have to walk/drive some distance before getting it? The further you walk/drive to get it the closer the idea on what you need to establish as an entrepreneur should emerge. Most people tend to think more than they should […]

Effectiveness of Content Marketing

Over four billion people use the internet today. Daily, there has been a significant increase of these internet users. This means that any content shared on the internet reaches a vast population, and that is the dream of every marketer. As a marketer, while you may enjoy massive information outreach, there is also chance that […]