The demand of video conferencing tools has drastically increased by 500% due to the pandemic of 2020. Many of the business people have a set-up at-home desk with their work equipment. Video conferencing tools provides face to face meeting by using video as well audio software. Video conferring is very effective for businesses as it helps in effective cooperation, higher productivity and increased engagement with customers and colleagues without any hassle.

Though video conferencing tools and software are of great help, they are not cheap. Small businesses may not be able to afford them. They would rather look for some simple and cost effective solution. You don’t need to break your bank to get the video conferencing software and tools. Let’s jump into the top 5 effective and cost friendly video conferencing tools for small business.


Jiminny provides you hundreds of distinctive and extraordinary features which are very useful for sales team conferences or client meetings. For example, you can use the “theme” feature on Jiminny which helps to automatically break down the meeting in parts like “next steps”, making it easier to scan long meetings. It also allows you to integrate your recordings to CRM. The price for the pro plan of Jiminny is 75 dollars per user for one year. For monthly payments the price goes up to 95 dollars.


It’s one of the highest rated video conferencing software providing you free basic version. It provides you clear audio, a screen sharing option and recording option to save the meeting session and send it to others. A user can easily schedule a meeting on zoom through Gmail, outlook or iCal email calendar. However, Zoom doesn’t provide any collaboration tools like sharing of files or texting. The basic plan of Zoom is free of cost and it provides 100 participants for 40 minutes and unlimited meetings. The pro version is for $149.90 for a year which is suitable for small teams. The upgraded pro version which is for $199.90 per year is best for small businesses.

Google Meet:

Google meet is the ideal video conferencing tool for small businesses as it’s relatively cheap and very easy to use. It’s free forever for 100 participants if you don’t need to record and save the meeting. It can easily integrate with other apps and you can make your own custom app by the help of Apps Scripts. Moreover, it provides unlimited Google Drive storage. Also, it provides the captioning feature which makes it easier for participants to understand what’s being said. The only con of Google Meet is that it doesn’t provide the recording and save option in its free version.

Other than these video conferencing software there are many more good and effective software for video conferencing. The best way to find perfect video conferencing software for your team is to know your needs. Keep in mind the requirement and resources in need. You can always test the software by using trial version and see what works best for you and your team.