If you a person who loves doing EVERYTHING for the greater good, then I am sorry to disappoint you. Here are 7 profitable weaknesses you can take advantage of in human nature.


    1. People don’t care about you, they only care about themselves.


For many entrepreneurs, whenever they think of a product they always worry more about themselves instead of what it can solve for a customer. It isn’t about you. Get this in your head now! It is about what problem your product can solve for a target audience. To be successful, you need to do research on who your market is and then make a product for that specific market. The goal is to always get in front of a starving crowd. If you make a product your customers need, they have to buy it even if it isn’t the best one out there. A starving person will eat anything to survive.


    2. People don’t like learning, they like being entertained


As a writer, your only goal should be to keep your readers’ attention. The best way to do this is by combining information with entertainment. Picture your younger self in high school where gossip is the only thing on everyone’s lips. People love a good story, so keep them entertained with interesting examples. The plan is to not bore your audience. If you can hold their attention, you can sell them anything.


    3. Pain more powerful than pleasure


Pain is the age-old motivator for a lot of entrepreneurs. Everyone has a story that caused them pain and that pain either broke or made them. For many marketers, pain is far more motivating than pleasure. Agitating painful spots for selling is so effective. Now we not talking about agitating them for hurtful gain, no, we talk about selling a product or service that solves their specific problem. This kind of marketing is shown through skincare advertisements. They bring up painful insecurities and make sure the customer sees their product as the solution.


    4. Women buy a helluva lot more than men


A massive 80% of the buying market is done by women. This makes it a simple decision for anyone looking to sell their products. It is important to know these kinds of facts, so do your research. If you are a man, failed many times trying to sell to male markets, then put your foolish pride aside and dip your toes in the women’s market. You stand a much higher chance statistically speaking to make it successful.


    5. Free is more enticing than a discount


Basic human nature is to always be on the lookout for free offers. WE ARE CHEAP! For your selling, this can apply to anything from a free e-book with a sale or free shipping. You can offer a free pamphlet for all we know, and it will be better than not having a pamphlet at all. The point I am trying to make, offer free ANYTHING. There are e-books online that are easy to download. If you are selling a skincare product, download an e-book that explains the best ways to take care of their skin. This is an effective way to get your products or service to sell.


    6. Contrasting ideas make people curious


Contrasting ideas brings attention, and with that attention brings profitability. “Burn Fat By Eating More Food.” This kind of headline insights a positive response by putting 2 words you wouldn’t see in a sentence. This gets a customer thinking “How the hell can I do such a thing?” It is a powerful tool anyone can use to drive traffic towards any point you want your customers to go. Use it wisely.



There you have it, 6 simple ways how you can profit from human nature. Most successful entrepreneurs use these secrets in getting an edge in the selling game. Why can’t you?