The worlds’ richest 1% have more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion people. Now some can argue that they got lucky and in some, you may be right but in most cases, people had to start from the ground up and it is their hard work and discipline that eventually catapulted their way to the top.

Here are 3 vital business skills most of the 1% has mastered.


  1. Copywriting

The first thing people think about when they hear this term is, “Isn’t that when you claim an idea?” Allow me to burst your bubble and let me explain how important this skill actually is.

Copywriting is using written words to influence a person into doing a specific action. If you can learn to implement copywriting in your ads, you will sell anything in the world. You won’t have to worry about money ever again. The average copywriters’ salary is $141,885 per year. This skill is in high demand today, making it worth your while to learn.

Reading books and listening to different podcasts is a great way to get started. One source I highly recommend for all copywriters is reading Ogilvy on Advertising. I know this man as the father of advertising. Ogilvy covers most of the fundamentals in writing advertising that sells. He includes positioning, market research, and crafting copy that makes the reader hold their breath. If you are into podcasts, then I highly recommend Ben Settle. He goes over what it takes to be unique in your selling and how not to follow what 95% of sheep are doing. As a side note, he doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings so if you some sensitive crybaby then I suggest not listening in. He gives proven formulas that have inspired many multi-million dollar writers.


  1. Public Speaking

You in fifth grade and it is your turn to speak in front of the class, your heart races, you stutter only for the class to laugh at you as you run out holding your face in your hands.

I painted a traumatic picture most of us probably had been through. However, there is no excuse not to work on this skill, especially if you want to succeed in business.

Public speaking is ranked number 5 on the Americans list of things they fear the most. It is an art form and like anything; it takes time to master. Some people have a knack for it, they just ooze confidence and some people like myself prefer the writing side of life where we express our thoughts through a 10th generation laptop. 

The average salary of a public speaker in the US is $89,072 per year. 

You can practice it through a mirror, perhaps signing up for a debate class will help. The point is to get out of your comfort zone. Read confidence books to get out of your bad habits. There are no get-rich-quick schemes. It is all about consistent work.


  1. Coaching/ teaching

People think of sports when they think of coaching, right? Well, we talk about business. If you are smart, which I certainly think you are, you can create an empire by sharpening up this skill and combining it with the other 2 high-income earning skills. You can teach the skills of copywriting through public speaking. 

Teaching is something that requires patience and let’s be honest, few people are cut out for this. It is something you should always work on regardless of your personal traits, like anyone you can always improve.

Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies use business coaching. This is a lucrative skill any successful business owner must master to thrive. If you can teach someone with ease, you attract a market of other hungry customers who want to learn. 

Average business coaches in the US earn $70,400 per year. In a lot of cases, these businesses base their coaching or courses on a monthly stipend, meaning you have a monthly gold mine of passive income waiting for you. I recommend the Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier.


If you took what I said into account, you can combine all those skills in making your own multi-millionaire empire. All those skills can be found on the internet, free to learn, so there is no excuse not to change your life around and get earning.