When you talk about marketing, there are a few keywords you have to use to give your sales that extra push. I am going to give you 4 words you can use right now to immediately start seeing better results in your marketing.



Nothing quite lights up the brain more than hearing the word “FREE”. It is in our human nature to take advantage of any great sale. Note I said the word great. I say this because if you use this word in every space you can find in your sales, it will lead you devaluing your product/service.

If you’re screaming cheap, then customers will think the same way. Instead, offer free trials or a free sample for your customers to test before they end up buying the actual product. People hate risks and by doing this you take that factor away from them, allowing them to explore anything you are selling freely.



Everyone wants to be in the loop. Whether it is figuring out new business sales techniques, listening to your favorite artist’s new album, or a new improved way of doing something you had been doing all along. This is seen with the new iPhones. They release new iPhones every 2nd year and people who had the old ones want to trade to stay updated with the trend.

Using the word “new” places an idea in your customer’s head that this is something that no one else has. This is effective in selling many products, especially products that were already a massive hit. All you had to do is find one that is an upgraded version of the old product, and you guarantee a proven market for that product or service.


Use More “You” And Less “I”

Let’s be honest, no one loves talking or even listening to people that are going to blabber on and on about how great they are or what they achieved. The entire purpose of getting in touch with peoples’ emotions is to include them in every single thing. For example, if you are selling a product or service, you need to be selling as if you are selling 1 on 1. Make it touch millions of people without sounding like you are talking to millions.



It is important to keep people ahead of the curve. The art of telling people or showing people the next step is something every marketing guru needs to get familiar with. Using the word “now” helps customers take a specific action right there, right now. If you don’t take your customers by the hand and tell them what to do, your customers won’t do it.

Sounds simple, right?

You’d be surprised how many marketers beat around the bush instead of doing their job, and that is to sell.


These words have been effective for centuries. They play on us as humans and will continue to be effective for years to come. Take the time to master the many ways you can use these words to make interesting sales people can’t help but get sucked into.