GWriting a blog post consumes a lot of time and hard work. It often takes hours to write the good blog post from the selection of the topic to researching content to proofreading and publishing. After all the effort, not getting enough traffic is a major letdown. Thanks to SEO (search engine optimization) we can have combat writing to rank high on google while keeping in mind a few important tips. SEO writing comprises of the content which helps to rank your blog on the first page. It includes generating high quality content and researching keywords that makes the page crawling easy.

Writing a SEO optimized blog doesn’t mean to fluff the content with key words. Instead, while following SEO guidelines you should remember that users look for the answer when they search on google. A good SEO blog post intends to describe the user’s interests, persona and challenges.

When writing SEO, the goal is to rank higher on google web crawler for which the heading plays a vital role. You can use headings as your benefit as Google crawler skims the content. Using the user’s keywords act as an advantage to rank higher on Google. For that you can take help of Google keyword planner, Google trends or Ahrefs. These sites tell you popular keywords.

Apart from that, adding meta descriptions and using the keywords in it helps a lot. Meta description is 1-2 lines summarizing your writing and Google crawls on it to determine rankings. Moreover, it’s beneficial to add alt text to pictures in your writing. Alt text not only helps users to know the purpose of the picture but also it Googles to determine your ranking.

As much as it’s important to use keywords, it’s more important not to over use them and resist the urge to stuff them in your writing. Keep in mind that your goal should be to solve reader’s problem, not to bore them with over saturated content. Furthermore, the other good way of increasing your google ranking is adding back links. Linking your website to the well reputed website gives your writing more exposure. Not only does it provide additional content to users but  it also shows that your writing is well-researched. It helps you to build the concrete argument and gain trust of readers.

You’ll be surprised to know the other factor that aids your Google ranking lengthy posts. Though in this era, no one has the time to spend on long posts, the search engines like Google prefer long posts with in-depth research. The ideal length for your SEO writing is 2000-2400 words, the more the content the easier it is for the search engine to figure out the ranking. Contrary, long blogs results in losing readers interest. To sort your content, you can divide it in smaller chunks by adding headings and sub-headings. This way the reader can easily skim and scan the content.

In this era where the search engines are saturated with the content, it’s really hard to make your writing stand out. SEO can help to make your presence. Following the above mentioned steps can help you to generate the user friendly yet SEO optimized blog. All these tips help your article to rank higher on Google and gain more traffic.