Good copywriters are in high demand in 2021. If you are a part of the smaller percentage who write successful copy and make your clients tons of money, then I applaud you. For the larger majority, they’re finding it hard and on the brink of calling it a day.
Here are 3 major reasons you are failing as a copywriter and here’s how you can fix it.


You Sound Like Your Old High School English Teacher

This is where most people fail. Do not sound so formal to the point you bore your audience. Write in a conversational tone. You don’t need complex sentences to write complex ideas. It is for your reader and not for your egocentric self to show off words not even the Queen of England can say. It is hard to get your own conversational tone at first. The best advice I can give you is to write more. The more you write, the easier you will find your voice.

Now, if your natural tone sounds like a dimwit who keeps on highlighting controversy to hurt your customer, then… you know what to do.
The point is to sell and not to distract your audience from the product or service you are offering.

Another way to keep things simple is by reading your sales copy out loud. If it doesn’t sound free-flowing and how you would speak with your friend, then change a few words to make it easy.


Brush Up On Your Inner Shakespeare.

Incorporate a story into your ad. A lot of great marketers will find an interesting story to tie to a product. If you are selling a colon cleanse supplement, incorporate a story of someone who lived a long life.

For example, the oldest man to ever live was a guy named Thomas Parr, and he lived to be 152 years old. King Charles hired an English doctor by the name of William Harvey to perform an autopsy to find out why he lived so long. The doctor said Mr. Parr had a colon that was as healthy as that of a child. That is one of the main reasons he lived a long life.

You can see how a story can play a motivating factor in selling your product or service. Don’t get it twisted. Storytelling is hard work and one of the hardest aspects to master as a copywriter.


Too Much Information, Not Enough Entertainment

Infotainment, exactly how it sounds, mixing information with entertainment. If you go down the information road, you will end up boring your audience. People want to be entertained. This is important for writing and for those who do other forms of media like podcasts.

One good example of infotainment is The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. They mix a bunch of serious political news in a comedic way. This show is successful because that has been its primary business model for over 25 years!


Selling should always be your main priority. Take out anything that distracts your customer from your product/service. Use these 3 adjustments in your sales copy and I can guarantee you will see better results.