Villains are some of the most hated characters in movies and rightfully so. As an entrepreneur, there is a lot you can learn from villains that will help make you a smarter, more successful entrepreneur. (And no, we not talking about endangering people’s lives!).


Have Your Mission

At some point, we’ve all been through life floating with no real purpose. This leads you to live such a miserable life. You find it hard to talk to people, you can’t keep a job for more than 6 months. You are unpleasant to be around. You think life is unfair and that everyone else who is successful got lucky.

You don’t take responsibility for where you are because you have no mission that you’re working towards. Your mission can be financial (building a multi-million business empire), creative (becoming a world-famous musician), or being the best in anything you do.

It is a personal quest no one but yourself can choose to take.

Villains always have a mission that they work towards and seek to no end. You can see the drive in their eyes, the aura of sheer persistence. They pour their heart and soul into this mission every day with no pause or distractions. Be a business villain (with a good cause)


Pay Yourself First

In 1926, George Clason published a financial book called “The Richest Man In Babylon”. It is about a poor man asking a rich man for advice on how he became so wealthy. Top financial advisors consider this a must-read book, so do yourself a favor and read it. The book’s most important financial rule is to always pay yourself 10% of everything you earn.

This means the first 10% of every paycheck you receive should be paid straight to you. I’m not saying to not pay your other bills, but use this money to invest in something that will bring you a greater return for your future. This approach forces you to cut out all the unnecessary bills you don’t need. Don’t spend your money trying to impress other people or having luxurious expenses not suitable for how much you earn.

Have you ever seen a villain that wants to conquer the world, having to worry about money first?

I thought so.


Knock People Off A Pedestal

If you put people on a pedestal, they will have no other option but to look down on you. Put no one above what you are trying to do. Have you ever seen the Jokers’ henchmen challenge his authority or rebel against his orders? This is because he radiates confidence and respect. Villains put one thing above themselves, and that is their mission. They never yield to anyone but their mission and as a business person, you need to focus on what you want to achieve.

Your mission will never leave you or forsake you. It will never sabotage you or betray you. It will give you passion and purpose in life.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk, belittle or mistreat anyone.

Just don’t put them on a pedestal.


Ignore The Sheep

There will be people who will doubt you, these people will most likely be the people you trust the most. They will stop you, shame you, and deter you from your mission. If you want to learn from someone, then choose wisely. Choose the very people who have achieved what you seek out.

Yes, they will get offended, they will get annoyed and some people will get nasty

But who cares?

What good will come of it if you decide to argue and build on their energy?

Focus on what you have to do and ignore other people’s destructive opinions on what you want to accomplish.


Be The Joker

Some context… I am not talking about being a psychopath who bleaches his skin, killing mass amounts of people for sheer fun.

There is a reason the Joker is perhaps the most known and most respected character among both heroes and villains. That one quality you, as a business person can learn and adapt, is having…


We talk about doing everything in a way that people will never forget you. We always remember the Joker for how he says things. He never bores you and always leaves you with a fascinating sense of wanting to know more.

The Joker is always proactive. People are reacting to what he is doing. He leads and doesn’t follow.

He is a super villain without superpowers but is the most powerful villain to have ever graced the screen.


I am talking about the attitude you need to adopt from villains to get ahead. There is so much we can learn from villains that we can apply in our business lives to become more successful.

Take it and go forth conquering the world.