You probably came across a blog with a headline similar to this, thinking it will help your business, and eventually found out the primary goal of the writer was just to get you to click their link, leaving you with an unhealthy hunger for revenge. However, we are not for the norm; we focus on bettering the individual first, which will lead to business success. Here are 4 ways that will eventually lead you to triple your sales.

  1. Be an invested-minded buyer and not an opportunity buyer.

Many people in business buy because they have been persuaded to do so. If you are a businessperson and you get sucked into deals that may not benefit you long term then I’m sorry to say but you are a fool. Buy products and services you know will pay that exact amount 2 or 3 times over. A lot of today’s business is done on what I like to call ‘dopamine buyers’. They buy products or services they were never in the market for simply because an ad convinced them to. If that marketing course was $1000, be sure to use all that information to make that same money 10 times over. This is what it means to be an investment-minded buyer.

  1. Read 10 books 10 times instead of 100 books once

Whenever we start the grind of changing your life around, you will go through a phase of constant learning and self-motivation. You will go through so many books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and you will feel that new sense of belonging we all crave. With books, instead of reading 100 good books once, read 10 great books 10 times. Say that a few times over without getting your tongue-tied. By doing this, your brain learns something new every time you read it over. Focus on the most successful books in whatever field you are going towards and become a master of deep learning. If you apply a laser focus on those 10 books instead, you will find yourself specializing in a particular skill. With that skill, you can use that to apply a better approach in making you that Elon Musk kind of money.

  1. Always be more consistent than the other person

Be more consistent than 90% of people. The most consistent person always wins. Repetition can lead either to you living with 4 friends in a 1 bedroom house or living with your partner in a top-end apartment. With repetition, we are referring to good daily habits. Whatever you are trying to get good at, make yourself a little better every day, even if it was a 1% improvement. Knowledge will compound, meaning you will become a way better version of yourself over a longer period. Over time, you will start seeing results and this will lead you to make better business decisions.


  1. Strengthen your strengths

There are too many people out there who want to be good at everything and not the BEST in one thing. If you feel you write the best stories, then study how to become a successful book-selling author instead of strengthening weaknesses that may not be helpful for you. Everyone is born with a talent and if you can recognize and work on growing that talent to new heights, you will reach far greater ceilings than those working on their weaknesses. Follow a mentor who is at the top of his game.


Listen and take these 4 tips into account when you are making everyday decisions. They will only benefit you if you do them right and consistently. It is not about improving your business; it is about what you can do to push your personal growth to new heights. With personal growth comes never-ending business success.