Every up-and-coming copywriter goes through doubt when trying to figure out ways to write copy that brings in boatloads of money. Even the most experienced know-it-all, Gucci loafer-wearing writer has a creative block. If you are starting your own business and have an idea on what products you want to sell, then say no more. Here are 3 steps you can build on when writing copy that sells.

Step 1: Create A Confidential Fact Sheet

Now when we talk about a confidential fact sheet we are talking about all the features of your product or service. Let’s say we talking about selling a car…

Write a long fact sheet, including every single aspect of the car. The longer and more disturbingly detailed it is, the better.

What is the color of the car? How much mileage does it have? What is the year of the model? What kind of tires does it have? What is the wear of those tires? How many miles per gallon? Was it parked on the street or in the garage? You get the picture…

Saturate that confidential fact sheet with every bit of information you can gather about the product or the car in this example. If you don’t have 10-15 pages of facts, then you’re not doing enough.


Step 2: Create A Benefit List

I know the 10-15 pages part threw you off, but trust me, this will work.

Make every fact into a benefit. For example, if the color of the car is red, then this automatically makes it a hot magnet for the opposite sex. If your car gets 40 miles to the gallon, then it is gas savvy and you will end up paying far less to get to places. If the car is coated with an effective rust guard treatment, then your car will last longer and have more value when it comes to trade-in time. If your car has 6,000 horsepower, then it is good for getting out of sticky situations.

Every single fact on your confidential sheet should have a benefit attached to it.

Why do I do this?

Let’s be honest, the last thing you care about is what the product or service stands for, you care about how it can make your life easier, right?

More benefits make a far more effective sales copy.


Step 3: Think About Your Offer

If you give me X amount of dollars, I will give you X product or service.

Think exactly how to sweeten the offer, think how you would want to buy it. Do you want a free gift? A trial? Or even a money-back guarantee?

Let me reiterate something to you… STRONG COPY WILL NOT OVERCOME A WEAK OFFER. I hate reading all caps, but this is so important…

It is the offer that you propose which is the heart and soul of great copywriting!


You might think doing things this way is a lot of effort and you’re not wrong. I can guarantee if you take the lazy way out, someone who has taken this very method will write a more convincing copy than you 99% of the time.

Only 5% of the very people reading this blog will apply what I have shared to you. Once you take this approach, the product/service will sell itself.