How Ecommerce Companies Can Compete With Amazon

Whenever we think of online shopping the first thing comes in our mind is Amazon. It conquered the market by selling everything at the best price and fast delivery service. It provides a user friendly website layout, mobile app and one-click checkout which contributes towards its success. Though Amazon is everywhere, there are chances for other marketers to compete with Amazon’s strong marketing strategy. To compete, first you need to know what makes Amazon so popular among online shoppers.

The foremost reason for Amazon being so successful is verity of unmatched product selection. It offers you a one stop shopping experience with convenience. Amazon wins customer satisfaction by providing quick and reliable delivery services. Apart from that, Amazon offers competitive pricing. 49% of the internet users shop from Amazon due to its best prices. All of these features makes it really hard for new marketers to enter and compete.

Though Amazon is market leader of ecommerce, there are still a few glitches which other marketers can use as an advantage. When it comes to the website layout, Amazon doesn’t quite nail it. It has cluttered and disrupting pages. The ideal converting ecommerce landing pages are those that are short and nice copy. Contrary to it, Amazon has long and hard to read copy design. Furthermore, Amazon provides a very generic layout and all the brands look the same, lacking differentiation.

Despite of all these weaknesses it is not easy to compete with Amazon. For this, you need to design a very effective and competitive strategy, using marketing funnel i.e. awareness, consideration, decision, and post-sale. It’s very important to make people aware about your presence as it’s useless to provide extraordinary products or services without anyone knowing. For this purpose social media is the best and free of cost platform. You can run your campaign on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. to make people aware about your brand. Also google ads can be great help for driving customers towards your website.

Among the many reasons for Amazon to be top of the game, low pricing and fast shipping are the most effective ones. You need to offer more than that in consideration stage. Think of your customers and what their aspirations and goals are. Differentiate the shopping experience for customers by providing exactly what they need.

After creating awareness and providing differentiated services, the next step is to build customer trust. For this purpose it’s important to display customer reviews on your website as a proof of your services. 95% of the customers end up making purchases after reading reviews. The other marketing tact which comes handy is promotions and discounts. It can be a good strategy to get a leg up on Amazon. You can send promo codes to your regular customers by using e-mail marketing.

Though Amazon is ahead of the game, with the strategic marketing plan and eight ecommerce platforms you can achieve a strong customer base. It’s not always about winning the game, but it’s also about playing the game. You can step in the market with all the marketing tracts and tools and stay competitive to be on the top of the game.

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