6 Copywriting Exercises You Can Do Right Now

Copywriting is a skill you can learn. It is the art of persuading people through text to act. As a copywriter, the best way to get better is to write more. You need to exercise that skill the same way you would go to a gym to grow a muscle. 

These are 6 exercises you can use right now to become a better copywriter.


1. Sign Up With A Learning Email Address

Create a Gmail account and sign up for successful copywriters newsletters. This is not your primary email address but a learning one.

The reason you want to make a fresh one is that this is going to be your copywriting email. You will be bombarded with spam. Even saying the word spam gives such a negative taste in my mouth. You want to get as many examples of copywriting as you can. If you are serious about writing, you will see how other successful copywriters write.

Subscribe to newsletters of copywriters like Gary Halbert. Ben Settle, Bob Bly, and so on.


2. Go To Swiped.co

This is a site where you have access to sales material that is tested and generated millions of dollars in sales. Use this site to analyze those ads.

One tip I can offer is to filter the ads to your specific niche, then tick the control box. Control ads were proven to generate millions of dollars in revenue. Do not steal and take everything you can. It worked in that specific time for that specific target market. Read them and ANALYZE them to improve your writing.


3. Talk To Your Customers

You might very well have a list of customers that you write to every day. Take your most loyal customers and ask them questions. You will be shocked at how many entrepreneurs or business owners don’t ask their customers questions.

Ask them questions like what motivated them to buy from you, what makes you as a business stand out from the rest. Most of the time you will find your customers telling you everything about what makes your business stand out. 

Finding what your customers want is one of the harder things to do. If you as a copywriter know what they love, you can gather market research by doing this. 

It will make your task of writing way easier, meaning more MOOOOOONEEEEY! 


4. Read Your Sales Copy Out Loud

Get into a nice quiet place and read your sales copy out loud. When you read your copy out loud, there will be spots that seem ‘rough’ and don’t flow. Take a step back and sort out those spots so that it is free-flowing and easy to read. Your reader who is mentally reading your copy will pick up on those rough spots. Make everything simple and easy to understand.


5. Write Successful Sales Copy

This is the most important exercise out of the bunch. 

Take winning, proven sales ads, letters, scripts and hand write (not type) it out on a page. By doing this, you rewire your nervous system. When I first did this, I thought it was pointless. After my 10th or 12th sales letter, I noticed something. This bizarre experience happened. Since I had done it so many times, I could finish the sentence because I knew what would come up next.

It’s an experience you need to find out for yourself. 

You get into the mental state of the master copywriter, and this makes you a better copywriter. You get a glimpse of what that writer was thinking about, at that time. I know this sounds like a piece out of a movie but take my word for it, this is the best exercise you can do to get better.


6. Devote Some Time Every Day To Write

All this can’t be done if you don’t set aside time each day. Consistency is the key to becoming a better copywriter. The difference between actually being serious and an amateur is the amateur will do it once a week. If you are serious about writing, you will find even 30 minutes a day to practice these exercises. Make it apart of your lifestyle.


Those are the 6 exercises you can do right now. They are FREE. There are no excuses not to become a high-income copywriter if you work on your craft. Practice makes perfect.

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