Let’s have a friendly competition…

If you and I both owned a taco stand and we made a bet on who could sell the most tacos within a month, what advantage would you have to make sure you win?

You might say you want the freshest taco shells.
You want to add more toppings or fillings for your customer’s selection.
You might have longer operating hours.
Or you may have lower prices.

You can take every bit of that.

All I ask for is to give me one advantage.

Give me a starving crowd.

The common mistake of people going into business is that they make the product first and then start looking for a market.

You should always find a market first. What does a certain group of people need? Once you find it, make a product based on your research done on your market.

Position yourself in front of a starving crowd.

Why a starving crowd?

If you put yourself in a market where there aren’t any competitors, customers will come to you even if your service isn’t the best of the best. If you fill a need, people won’t have any option but to buy your product or service. This is what it means to position yourself in front of a starving crowd.

There are many ways to funnel your customers.
Here is a basic way how.

Once you establish a need and make your product, you need to advertise your product or service to your market. This can be done using a bunch of ads including Facebook, Google, Instagram, or any mainstream app in which you can get enough attention.

Once you start advertising, you need to send them somewhere. Send them to a landing page or a website. There are many easy-to-use website layouts such as Shopify, Wix, Ecwid, ClickFunnels, and much more.

The next goal should be getting a hold of their email addresses. This is done by making sure they opt into your pop-ups when they want to buy your product or service.

Many people stop after they get their first sale. They don’t realize true wealth is making sure the same customer purchases from you again and again and again. This is why you need their email addresses. The best list you can email to sell more of your products/service is your customers. No other list is more valuable.

The reason why most people fail is down to their inability to focus on a market instead of a product. It is not about you, it is all about what benefit you can bring to a particular group of people. The whole idea is not to cater to the majority of the people. Pick a specific market and make a product that will only benefit that market.

If you get complaints from people you are NOT trying to sell to then that is okay. The product was not made for those people. If you are selling a beauty product meant for women only to get a guy complaining about how you’re marketing your product then I say show him “the finger”. You need to be brutal in taking control of your market. You only need a couple of thousand people out of the 7.9 billion people on this earth to make a decent success.

Think market first instead of product and you already have a better foundation than most would-be self-proclaimed entrepreneurs.