What is UX writing?

This is the first thing that pops into your head when you read this headline.

UX is short for user experience. The goal is to guide, educate and explain anything about your product or service you are selling. This kind of writing is usually found in apps and gaming websites.

Copywriters make excellent UX writers. If you are interested in improving your ability as a writer, then allow me to give you a few insights into UX writing and why you must learn this for 2023 and beyond.

Finding Your Inner Alexa

Think of your favorite brand. Now think why you love them so much. Most of the time they stood out from the rest and made you feel good in their own way.

They spoke to you in a tone which you loved, and ever since then, you’ve been a long-time customer willing to buy anything they so much whisper about.

UX writing allows you to find your own brand voice. This is especially important if you want to build long-term relationships. Your marketing department must establish a tone and ‘voice’ they want to put out there, as this has to be consistent for a long period.

Everything you do in how you portray your brand has to be according to the tone and voice you set out from day 1. This is why most successful brands out there are ahead of the game. Don’t sway from switching up your voice too much of the time. Even your best friend has to adapt to you if you changed how you talk. Make your customers your friends and you will profit for a long time.

Guide, Educate And Empathize In As Little Words As Possible

Lead your customers to where you want them to go. Another effective use of UX writing is the ability to guide your customers and show them what to do next. You usually see this in gaming. If people don’t know what they are about to play, then it is important to be clear and help them understand.

Every bit of information should be helpful to your users. Put yourself in their shoes and look at how you would want to navigate through a website or an app.

You think of every single problem and write copy exactly for those situations to make sure users emotions are controlled and understood.

If your Facebook account gets banned, there should be clear guidelines on what to do next. Empathy should be shown in situations where emotions are high. This is what it means to think of every little experience a user can come across and write a copy that will empathize and guide them.

As technology continues to advance and attention spans continue to shorten, UX writing will forever be a key feature for any app or website. The ability to empathize and guide in as few words as possible is important for customers. Quick processes that will satisfy customers’ everyday experiences will work for decades to come. Learning this craft might take a few adjustments, but it’s a worthy tool to add to your collection if you looking years ahead.