Over four billion people use the internet today. Daily, there has been a significant increase of these internet users. This means that any content shared on the internet reaches a vast population, and that is the dream of every marketer. As a marketer, while you may enjoy massive information outreach, there is also chance that you need to wake up to the reality that not everyone that gets the message has the intention to acquire what you have in store. It is therefore ideal to get to know the kinds of the audience you may reach.

Do you know who your target audience is? if yes, then you are good to go. A need arises to produce content different from other online marketers so as to reap highly from the content created. In order to have different content, a marketer needs to create content based on a small niche. Narrowing down a topic is regarded to be more specific and has a chance of increasing online conversion rates by a significant percentage. For example, where marketers are talking of tourist destinations in the US, be specific on a certain park or beach.

Platforms such as Facebook use geographical location in relaying content to customers. This is why Facebook asks about the locality of a post to ensure your post reaches the most appropriate target group. 

How about reducing your marketing costs by half? The estimated cost of outbound marketing is relatively double that of content marketing. Who does not want relatively cheaper marketing techniques while still reaching out to an expansive number of potential clients or users? In fact, if a business is aimed at minimizing the effort and resources used in marketing and adopting content marketing tactics, it can increase its chances three times better than one employing paid search marketing.

Having a brand that a customer embraces in writing and sharing of your content draws the attention of the customer. It makes the customer feel as though part of the content is SPEAKING directly to them, which increases the closeness and loyalty of your customer. There now stands a greater chance of having built a personal relationship with the customer and your company. Earning the trust of your prospective buyers from the content delivered makes them adopt you as their primary source of information, therefore increasing the chance of them buying from you.

What is the effect of an impression in a brand? First, impression instills perception of the brand. If you go wrong here, you will need more effort and time before you can restore the customer’s initial impression of you. A customer finding your content to be resourceful in terms of educational information will build trust in your brand.

More content implies more details, and this gives prospective buyers a reason to stay on your site or in your app, longer. Great content will mean conversion rates are increased.

A marketer should know that it is not about the quantity of the content produced, but quality. More relevant content would be seen as problem-solving by the audience. Your content should be portrayed in a captivating manner so as to draw interest of your future customers.