Why You STILL Don’t Have a Spiritual Practice

Many external factors make developing a spiritual practice challenging. When immersed in a system that breeds hierarchy, division, derision, and emotional and financial strife, it’s easy to get caught up in your own problems. Spiritual awakening is about zooming out of yourself and separating from the inherent thoughts and emotions that dictate how you act […]

Why You Don’t Have a Spiritual Practice

Through continued reflection, I have realized that the development and evolution of my beliefs are a puzzling amalgamation of many subjects. These subjects are sometimes at odds with one another, or at the very least, they don’t often fit together. By writing this blog, I’m attempting to clarify this mishmash, first for myself, but also […]

An Unconventional Practice

I haven’t always had a meditation practice, although it was something that prodded at me from the back of my mind for many years. Maybe I was too afraid of where my mind would go, given the state of my previous marriage and all the tumultuous emotions and states of mind that accompanied it. After […]

A Face in the Darkness

A face stared back at me, watching me from the darkness. Despite the near pitch-black surroundings, I could make out a face and it was not one that I recognized. It wasn’t a vivid image in the common visual sense but more of a strong impression or feeling of a face. It had an odd […]