Preparing to Meet My Maker

The plan for the journey was to take a week and engage in multiple trips, increasing the dose with each. The week would start with a moderate dose of 3.5 grams, then two days off to contemplate and integrate, then consume 4.25 grams in the second session, with 3 days off for reflection. I would […]

TRIP THREE- Part Two: All Things, Everywhere, At Once

(Continued from part one…) Upon closing my eyes again, I was brought forth to witness the base core of the universe: Wondrous, terrifying, and awe-inspiring. I was engulfed by a dizzying kaleidoscope of geometric and spiral patterns and the most vibrant technicolor I’ve ever seen. In this place, far from the normal plane of existence, […]

TRIP THREE- Part One: Not For the Faint of Heart

After ingesting the 5.5 grams of lemon tekked mushrooms, the trip developed fast, fueled by an intensity I had not experienced before. Within the dim light of the curated journey space, I felt a profound sense of joy and laughter. Yet, I experienced the most intense sadness, as if the suffering of the entire world piled […]

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

TRIP TWO After a couple of days of journaling, meditating, and reflecting on my first trip, I was ready for the second. I was eager to get back to where I had been and go further. I wondered what deeper (or higher?) states of consciousness lie beyond what I had experienced on Trip One. I […]

A Dose of Infinity

TRIP ONE In the darkness of my closed eyes, I saw fear-inducing and grotesque imagines. Although I understood that these images were meant to be scary (or could be scary), I observed them in a calm and detached manner. I found myself lying on a train track face up.  As the train passed over me, […]

A Personal Psychedelic Renaissance

As I approached the levitating, shiny surfaced cube, an overpowering sense of deja vu consumed me. A deep droning, wave-like hum filled my ears. In the foggy darkness that surrounded me, three shadowy figures lingered. The black floating box, situated in front of me, bobbed and rotated in mid-air. I knew I had seen this […]

How to Develop and Maintain a Spiritual Practice

In the previous 2 posts, I’ve discussed why a spiritual practice is so important. But you may be wondering, ‘How do I develop one?’ Well, it’s pretty simple. We must connect with a core aspect of all spiritual belief systems: awe and wonder. All of us have an innate wiring for awe and wonder and […]

Why You STILL Need a Spiritual Practice

The nature of existence is an age-old question, studied and pondered by gurus, yogis, and scientists alike. No matter how much anyone speaks on the subject, at its core, it’s deeply personal. It’s easy to think the whole world resolves around oneself because that is the basis for one’s experience. For without this sense of […]

Why You Need a Spiritual Practice

Enlightenment en mass is needed for humanity to progress to the next level in the evolution of consciousness. Yet, the average person needs a viable way to achieve this. We need a way to cut through the noise of our minds, shed our fears and anxieties, and pursue a life of meaning, passion, and purpose. […]

Why You STILL Don’t Have a Spiritual Practice

Many external factors make developing a spiritual practice challenging. When immersed in a system that breeds hierarchy, division, derision, and emotional and financial strife, it’s easy to get caught up in your own problems. Spiritual awakening is about zooming out of yourself and separating from the inherent thoughts and emotions that dictate how you act […]