Starting your own business is like raising a child. First, you have to invest yourself, your time, your undivided attention, and all of your money. You must take care of it, while expecting nothing in return. But when it starts to blossom, it makes all the patience and hard work worthwhile.

It’s the same in the business world. So, how do you begin?

For starters, you should highlight this… there is an entrepreneur inside everyone of us! There is a consumers’ market out there that is waiting for you to bring your goods and services. Your success lies between your innovative self and the market, in a field called: positive thoughts, dedication, and persistence!

Maybe the first thoughts coming to you are quite opposing and they probably sound like this: “I have no idea what do I want to do,” or, “ I am not creative enough,” or, “I could never run my own business,” and many more similar self-sabotaging voices in your head.

Instead, immediately say to yourself, “I am capable and creative. I can.’’ And see how one positive affirmation can shift your energy and feeling of self-worth.

The truth is, everyone is special and unique. We are all born with certain gifts, sets of skills, and our own level of emotional intelligence. All you have to do is recognize them, and not allow opposing negative thoughts to lead you to self-sabotage. Never allow negative comments to prevent you from expressing yourself, whether yours or someone else’s.

Once you realize your talents, the next step is to come up with an idea of how you can put them into action! Are you a psychologist that wants to work with ADHD children but you never could because you are a stuck in a job position that doesn’t make you happy? Are you a recently graduated academic that has no previous work experience and you are struggling to convince business owners to hire you?

The thing do to, is to remember that everything has a starting point. Remember, you are not going to stay at the starting point forever. There is going to be progress, but you have to build momentum first. So, put yourself out there and see how your community can benefit from your talents. Research the market and see how you can fit-in! The results will come eventually!

When creativity strikes, it needs its trusted companion. The partner in crime is called dedication! It’s crucial to work on the “dedication muscle” and making it stronger day by day. Set goals, improve your work ethic, be more time efficient, plan your activities, and most importantly, surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you. Give it everything you’ve got. Vibrate on that “success” frequency and success is inevitable.

Lastly, whatever you do or at whatever stage of developing you are currently in, ignite your drive on a daily basis. Motivation is the fuel to your engine. Can you imagine running a 42km marathon and not feeling motivated? Can you be a successful CEO of a company without even a spark of desire to be in that place?

You already know the answer.