Hey MOMS?! Are you living your “entrepreneur” life yet? Why not? Is “work” in the way? Husband and kids not letting you get your things done?

I never once thought I would be an entrepreneur, or better yet, be able to live my dream of one day owning my own business with my husband. I look back on my life everyday and thank God for what he has brought to me, what he has taken out of my life, and for what he is going to continue bringing into my life.

If you would have asked me in 2011 what I’d be doing in 8 years, being a real estate investor would not have been the answer. Money was always my motivation, but for a long while, I was stuck in a mindset of how society has me configured. I never thought outside of that bubble.

Until I started seeing larger amounts of money (again being stuck in society’s mass mindset), I did what I thought was helping myself at that time… and it turned out, I was sending my body and soul to hide away in a deep hole. It took some hard mental fighting, and with help from family and mentors, I was no longer a statistic of society. I had to find myself again and my purpose in life while still wanting more than being stuck where I was.

After some prayers, God answered me with my husband Brandon K. Thompson. He was everything I never had and everything I ever wanted in a man. I always wanted to be successful running my own empire one day, but never knew I would have a companion that would make it a reality.

Over the years, I’ve watched my husband be upset from job to job, not wanting to work 9-5. He just knew we were going to get ourselves out of the rat-race, but I had no idea how that was going to happen. Until one day, when we watched the Secret together on YouTube. That led us down a rabbit hole of doing more research on the law of attraction, reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, then came in the money maker, Grant motherfucking Cardone.

Within a couple of years, we found ourselves as one couple with God, and learned valuable lessons and knowledge from the millionaires we sought out. It took going to lots of Meetups, consistently working on real estate deals, and paying tons for leads before we found out you really do have to wait for that one right deal before freedom can take off. To make matters more difficult, I got fired from my 9-5 after turning in my notice.

Then the snowball effect of being a stay at home mom settled in. Since I no longer had to pay to cover daycare costs, working on our real estate business was now my full-time gig. Funny though, because I am sure you can imagine how much got done day to day with a 5-year old and 3-year old fighting and screaming all day. Laundry pilled high, dishes stacking up non-stop, you know, because kids always need a new cup every time they drink something and cannot wear just one set of clothes in a given day.

I could go on for days, but one thing that makes all of this tamable is God’s help when you need it. I started looking at my day more positively, and then I had a better mood to get more done. I began prioritizing time with the kids to do more crafts and take more breaks. Bluntly stating, I just figured it the fuck out because I knew I had to!

God rewards you with your desires when he sees your open and positive passion for him and his words to shine through your life. That being said, I was doing better, and had a good roll on our leads for the real estate business, but now came the need for more money for bills. So, we started looking at other avenues for making income while we worked on our first RE deals.

Then my husband was invited to a meeting with Jason Criddle. Knowing we were seeking out other avenues, we had all guards down and were ready to listen. By the end of the meeting the first night, we were so sold on the company and we even both said yes without looking at each other. That’s how amazing this was… it was God’s plan, knowing we would rock the hell out of this shit the second Jason put the new software in our hands. Now we are partners in an software company with Smartr Marketing!

Stay at home moms, success is attainable and very reachable when you grab for it! But, and only but, you must want it first… and you must understand exactly what you are asking for. Just close your eyes, seek out your goals, and what you see needs to be what you ask for. Then start taking the necessary action to achieve it.