Social media marketing has been trending as a topic in the online world since, well, forever. After businesses realized that social media can be used for generating leads and getting new clients, the need for successful online presence significantly increased.

The effectiveness of social media marketing created a need that can only be fulfilled by social media experts and agencies. A new wave of modern social media agencies emerged on the market, but not many of them succeed in staying profitable and inventive. There are many reasons why so many social media companies fail, and the main cause is the inability to offer a custom made social media plan that works for each client and industry.

Many online social media tips by “experts” are generic and cannot be applied to each business. You need to dive deep into your target audience persona and learn how to reach those people online. Many rules exist, but here are the three pillars you need to follow to run a social media management agency successfully:  

1. Make a custom social media plan for your clients

Making custom social media plans for your clients is key. Create a plan that is under their strategy and target audience and stick to it. The plan needs to include: quarterly goals, a content calendar, your growth strategy, influencer strategy, and paid marketing strategy.

By defining all of the specifics for each part of the plan, you are assuring you are doing the right things all the time. As with anything in life, you need to have goals. Having them in the plan is extremely important… remember that.

2. Don’t forget to A/B test

Social media marketing is based on testing. You can’t rely on and market yourself on one successful case study. Different rules apply for different companies, you won’t be able to repeat the same success you had for sure. So, test, test, and test some more.

Following the defined marketing plan is a must, but remember that sometimes your defined tactics won’t work and you would have to find some other way to achieve your goals.

3. Don’t over-promise

While it’s crucial to present successful case studies from clients in your sales meetings, you should never over-promise results. Be transparent and inform your potential client that even if you have experience at what you do, you can’t predict and make accurate estimations right now, because performance metrics are unique and different for each business.

By doing so, you are securing good retention numbers and loyal clients that will stay with your company for many years to come.

Social media marketing is based on testing and learning. If you explain to all clients that this is how social media works and what to expect from it as a return, you won’t have problems with retention and profit.

Transparency, hard work, and dedication are the success pillars of any business. To successfully run a social media management agency, you need to learn and offer customized solutions to all of your clients.