Starting Entrepreneurship with No Fear

Why does fear stop most entrepreneurs? How does one overcome fear? Why does the fear that you make up in your own head stop you? The truth is, you must cut off fear to become a true entrepreneur. Fears started racing in my mind the second my husband brought our business opportunities to me. I […]

How I Defer From My Distractions

My day to day work changes constantly, being a stay at home Mom/Boss/Entrepreneur.  I think we all have interference in the way of life, but who really sits back and is like okay, “Hold up God, how do I change the direction this ended up turning?”   I used to not see it coming until my […]

Finding My Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Hey MOMS?! Are you living your “entrepreneur” life yet? Why not? Is “work” in the way? Husband and kids not letting you get your things done? I never once thought I would be an entrepreneur, or better yet, be able to live my dream of one day owning my own business with my husband. I […]