My day to day work changes constantly, being a stay at home Mom/Boss/Entrepreneur. 

I think we all have interference in the way of life, but who really sits back and is like okay, “Hold up God, how do I change the direction this ended up turning?”  

I used to not see it coming until my husband and I started changing our views on the world. We looked at our lives and prayed for change. Change started showing up, so I kept my focus on those better things in my day. 

Although I knew what we needed, distractions were thrown at us non-stop. Then comes chasing your dreams to working less at that 9-5… which means less $$$ on your next check when rent and bills are due. Thoughts from kids growing and needing clothes, to worrying about bills in a home you and your wife used to split, but now her check is $0 b/c she was let go.  

On the other hand, I have my 1st baby girl just starting kindergarten, and I keep replaying everything I’ve ever told her to make sure I didn’t forget to teach her something she needs to know in school. Or how to approach those weird interactions with other kids. It’s my baby girl – what if she doesn’t know what to do at times? 

Then over at my desk, I have actual work deadlines to meet for the business.  

All in all, these occurrences in life are not distractions unless YOU let them be. Your own mind is YOUR biggest distraction. Don’t let life become a distraction, too. Your mind can send you in a loop hole that will make it seem like nothing you are working towards will ever be possible.  

When you delegate what is actual work, and just focus on your life, your perspective of what needs to get done will be clearer. I’ve learned that i cant let my mind play tricks on me and send me into that negative head space. It’s just the environment your allowing yourself to drive into when you let yourself get distracted. When learning to ride a bike, trying your best to avoid hitting a tree will ultimately lead you to hitting the tree, so you need to just learn to ignore the tree.

I have to check myself still, and proclaim… “Yes, I can!” Not one day is perfect, but they’re getting pretty damn good! I just have to stay focused.