The biggest issue I see with sales people is the sheer fact that they are trying to sell their products or services. Relentlessly at that. Day in, day out… taking a list of leads, and turning them into a list of duds, hangups, and countless times, being sent to voicemail.

Why are they doing this? Don’t they realize it won’t work?

Well, when someone is calling you to sell you something without having any real interest in you as a person, how do you normally respond? I would be willing to bet you don’t answer your phone much, either. So, why should you expect someone to go through your sales process when you have zero interest in really helping their business? Because it seems to me (and them) that your only real goal is to make a commission. Do you expect them to answer your calls, now?

Don’t worry, not only was that a rhetorical question, but there is also a 2-part solution for this issue.

1st, you need to become a leader that a person would buy from and stop being a sales jockey.

2nd, you need to build relationships with your potential clients (prospects).

My prospects always answer the phone. Not only do they not send me to voicemail, they tend to hang up on other calls for a chance to get on the phone with me. They believe in my ability to lead them through any solutions I can possibly provide them for their life/business, and they also know I genuinely and deeply care for them and the success of their business.

I don’t call people just to sell them. In fact, I never even get to the point to where I am asking for a sale before they buy. I tend to walk all of my clients through the same process… I get to know their needs, the things they are wasting time on, and I present them with an offer to take a load of time off their hands to concentrate on making more income. Once we decide together what can be offloaded, this usually comes along with a price tag – or an amount to invest in themselves and their future. After we know exactly how much it will cost to concentrate on more sales, we have a number to work towards.

As long as I am helping my client reach that goal, then our relationship grows, they buy whatever is needed to grow, and life goes on.

And I am very good at what I do.