Have you ever felt like you needed more than just your regular 9-5? Have you ever started feeling drained from someone telling you how to manage your time? It’s time to start taking control over your life again! 

August 20, 2019 I lost my job. It was the best job I’d ever had. I made the most money and got the most respect and appreciation from my mangers and customers. I was one of the top sellers in my department. I was loving it! I even won a few prizes. 

After 11 years of growing in my talent and skill set of retail and customer service and a year in a half of faithfully giving my all to this company, I started to realize my worth and the potential I had within myself to build something greater than what I was currently doing. I knew since the age of 10 that I wanted to own my own business. I never could figure out the opportunity I wanted to share and service to the world. But I found a niche! Building rapport and helping others! Which are key factors in sells. I was a natural! I enjoyed it! I never realized it would be key to owning my own business. Over the years as I continuously worked and learned, I started developing more techniques within sells. It all was preparing me for my greater good.

Even with the skill set and the talent that I developed over time, it wasn’t the first job I lost, but it was the first job I lost that I loved the most and made the most money on. I was an extremely hard worker on any job I was on. But that’s the thing! They were all just JOBS! I was working under someone else’s thumb being told how to do something, when to do it, and what time to be there to do it. I was getting tired of corporate America! I started losing drive to clock in and out for someone else’s business. I started seeing a job in a different light. I started viewing my job as a liability and not as much of an asset. The only asset I saw was having constant income flow. Which is extremely important to being able to survive in life. It’s one of the reasons why people are afraid of stepping out and becoming a business owner. Nevertheless, having a job wore on me mentally. I wanted everyday for the opportunity to be able to build and work on myself and grow something that was mine. Nobody telling me when to come in to work, when to leave, and limiting the amount of money I could make. I then knew it was time. I needed to elevate to higher heights. Luckily for me I had a business plan in place. 

November 17, 2017 I took on making bow ties. The start of a new business venture. I started working smarter and not harder. My plan was to be able to generate more income as I worked my 9-5. I used my job as a resource to be able to market my product. I mean everyone dressed up! It was perfect! As time passed my skills set and I started growing my customer base. Things starting coming together. I then started to see more of a vision of what I wanted from my business. Once I developed a vision, my desire to work a job became more weary. 

You never want to leave any job before you have another stream of revenue. Unless, you’re ready to step out on faith and trust your abilities to succeed like many of successful business owners have done. You know when it’s time to leave when you have a business plan and you start dreading your job. When your ideas are greater than your current income. When all you do is dream dreams and sit and visualize your future beyond what a job could ever bring. It may just be time to make your dreams a reality. You should never dread doing something that is yours. It’s like having your own child. Your own baby that you watch grow and develop into this beautiful creation that everyone admires and loves. You have to put a lot of time into nurturing it and helping it develop its own personality and style that attracts people to want to shop with your business. I would suggest that if you are desiring to pursue owning your own business that you research and learn your field of business and master the techniques