As with any affiliate program, patience and tenacity are your keys to building your business.

Smartr Marketing is an affiliate/ecommerce marketplace app, where we sell white-labeled versions of the very same product… so, if a business owner wants an affiliate app for their business that operates like Smartr Marketing, then you can make money by selling them that software.

First, you need to download the Smartr Marketing app and register. Entering the referral code: EARN can give someone a $20 dollar head start towards their first earnings payout.

After you pass this point, you simply share your own referral code with the business owner who needs the software, which is available on your in-app dashboard.

Finally, when they make a purchase, you earn monthly recurring revenue. No websites, no blogs, no funnels… just sharing a code.

Now, while the process is simple, what can take time is generating and nurturing sales.

You can generate initial sales by thinking of the business or brand owners you know who need the software, and tell them to register with your referral code. Since all the education they could possibly need is available to them in the app and on the site, you simply need to follow-up with them and see if it is something they could use.

Here is the thing. They CAN use it. It is an easy to use referral tool that won’t break the bank. Plus, an easy way for you to make the sale is by becoming a brand ambassador for them! Seriously!

Tell them that not only do you promote Smartr Marketing, but you will also actively promote their brand once they get their app launched. They have nothing to lose, and you can promote their app, or any other Smartr app you want.

Also, don’t forget about building your own sales team. Since Smartr Marketing pays out on multiple generations, you can earn money by sharing your referral code with people who just want to sell the product as well – and the same would happen if they shared their code with a promoter, too.

Key points to take away:

Is Smartr Marketing easy to use? Yes, just register and share your referral code.

Is Smartr Marketing easy to sell? It can be. Just about every business could use a referral app, and Smartr is the only one making them.

Is it easy to obtain clients? Even though you don’t have to blog or sell products on Amazon, you still need to generate leads. Try looking in your network first, find promoters in your network, then you guys work together to make sales once your warm leads are dried up.

If you keep it up, you can expect to earn decent money. Just don’t expect something for nothing… especially if you are the type of person who is willing to give up after a few weeks.