I wish the answer were simple, but it isn’t.

Many years back, the focus of Smartr (before it was smartr) was custom software. The problems we faced with custom solutions were:

  • It isn’t scalable. Many changes of the mind are many man hours down the drain. If you and the customer agreed on a set price, then you will lose money most of the time.
  • Customers know what they want but not what they need. Many times, you will have someone with an idea, and they will try to cram 37 different features into it.
  • This leads to bad user interface/experience – because the app or website ends up being built for you, but not for your customers.
  • Which will result in lost money, an unsuccessful brand or app people don’t use, and more money down the drain.

The most important thing to remember is a software company doesn’t have anything to sell you. If you are getting custom software made, it is because it is something YOU decided to buy, which is very different.

Any developer or development company worth a damn will always give feedback, and let you know what will and won’t work. And most of what they recommend will ultimately save you money.

Finding a development team that just shakes their head yes and tells you that you have a great idea is who you need to stay away from. Companies like that only care about making a sale, and could care less if you have a successful app/website, or have a successful company.