An affiliate program is made when a company decides to share a percentage of a transaction with a person who wants to promote that company.

Meaning, paying a person $5k-$8k per sale would ultimately mean you have an extremely large transaction happening. Even at a mere 10% commission, you are talking about a $50,000 to $80,000 dollar transaction taking place. This has little to do with a platform, and more to do with a positive company history that a creditor (providing merchant services) would trust.

So, you need:

  1. To make sure you have people willing to pay $50k – $80k per transaction before you even begin doing anything, and history showing it has happened.
  2. To make sure you have people willing to sell products for $50k – $80k for you.
  3. Consider breaking your $50k – $80k product down into monthly installments – which would lessen the blow, and provide monthly recurring income to your promoters.
  4. Finally, find a merchant company that can process such a large transaction all at once, as well as trust your ability to use their platform for good, quality customer service.

I believe Smartr Marketing and Smartr Commerce allow up to a $35,000 dollar transaction to happen at one time, so that is a start. That said, you still have plenty of work to do before you have a Smartr app or any program built. Before you go down this road, make sure you have a product people are willing to both buy and sell from and for you.

A big problem with a transaction of this size is fraud. So, it isn’t just like someone will say “process that transaction here.” Even though merchants get excited about the idea of processing transactions, there is also a chance that a person or company could sell said expensive item, pay commissions, the “fake customer” processes a refund, and the only person left on the line is the merchant.

In either case, whether it is customers, promoters, or merchants, you are going to have to have a pretty great track record of trust before anyone will buy, sell, or provide you with merchant services of such size.jas