How do I overcome my resistance to change?

Life is full of ups, downs, and stagnation. And even though it may suck on a down, it is only happening because we still have something to learn. Once we learn the needed lessons, we start going back up.

The further up we go, the better it feels. Ultimately, it can end up feeling so good that we decide we don’t want to go further than where we are right now. After all, we fought for where we are right now. It took hard work and effort to get where we are right now… and to go to the next level would essentially force you to let go of what you sacrificed so much to obtain.

The lesson is, remembering what got you to where you are right now. Your life is probably pretty ok. You are comfortable where you are… but even where you are took some kind of work or effort to get there. So, instead of overthinking it, simply focus on repeating the small tasks that got you to where you are now.

Every step you take towards your goal, no matter how small, is still a step towards your goal. So, spend this year making a lot of little steps each and every day. In your spare time. Without overwhelming yourself. And keep going… that is where most people fail.

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